The Truth about MPS

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  The Truth about MPS
Posted: 10/27/2011 03:01:18

I may be biased about our MPS program but this is a forum right?  A place to share your knowledge and ideas.   I think having grown up in the copier / print / fax world I do have some insight on the topic. 

The idea behind MPS or managed print services is that the provider takes the burden of managing a fleet of printers off of the IT dept or the business that owns the fleet.  It sounds simple enough but doing it right can be a challenge.  There are many large organizations who claim to be the experts on this but I know first hand, many or not.  I really think the key is the right combination of knowledgeable techinicians, a flexible and responsive staff monitoring requests and calls, solid technology, knowledgable sales team, and a competent billing/admin department. 

Many in the industry have a great sales team but not the flexible and reactive staff to fulfill the sales teams promised obligations.  I've heard direct from end users of printers being down or orders for new printers not fulfilled for months because of red tape found in many of the large corporate providers.  At the same time a small organization without a large enough support team just can't manage the shear voulume of a large fleet requirement.  Again not to be biased but I really think USA Datafax has the perfect combination to maintain large print fleets.  We have worked with large enterprises for over 25 years and we know when they say jump we ask "how high?"  We are small enough to make things happen minute by minute and have several partners large enough to get things done.

We also know that even the best program has inate flaws and technology based monitoring, although wonderful, will sometimes fail.  Example - a printer that normally runs 20 pages a day suddenly runs a 1000 page job and runs out of toner.  Many large providers have no way to rectify the situation when the cleint calls and says we have no toner.  The algorithims of "just in time" toner won't and can't work in that situation.  We overide these circumstances on a weeky basis by couriering or overnighting the deparately needed toner.  The point is we can respond to circumstance as they arise not after 5 managers sign off.

My 2 cents.

Jon Ezelle

USA Datafax Inc.

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