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play sushi without having to reboot

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  play sushi without having to reboot
Posted: 04/25/2010 08:29:52

FireFox - 100% approval without having to restart.

1. Make sure your default browser is firefox. This is the one I have found the best method for.
2. Click the offer.
3. Download and install it. Do this even if it says you've already downloaded it. It may still approve if you don't redownload it, but I'd still download it because it's very possible that the site keeps track of new downloads as part of the approval process.
4. After installing, it should force firefox to open. Play any game it shows for at least a minute.
5. If you want, if you find that the game is boring, open another tab, and go do another offer (don't mess with cookies!). But make sure the game is running!
6. Check your approved offers. If the play sushi offer approved, go to step 7. Otherwise play the game (or do other offers) for another few minutes.
7. Now that the offer approved, you may close ALL firefox windows.
8. Go to C:/Program Files/Play Sushi and run the psuninst.exe program (you may be prompted by vista or 7 to 'allow this program to run?'; just pick yes).
9. Instead of REBOOT, tell it "EXIT".
10. It should force firefox to open a small questionaire on why you didn't want to keep it. You don't have to give a reason; you can just exit it. Close ALL browsers now.
12. Delete the whole Play Sushi folder. If it doesn't let you delete it, it's because you've got firefox or some other browser open. Make SURE all browsers are closed.
13. Open firefox; the addon page should automatically appear. If not, go to TOOLS then ADDONS.
14. On ADDONS, look for PLAYSUSHI and uninstall it. It should ask you to restart firefox. Go ahead and restart it.
15. If everything was followed correctly, you should be able to see that PLAY SUSHI has disappeared from your addons. Now press CTRL SHIFT DELETE. Tell it to delete all cookies, history and web caches.
16. Just to be safe, I usually do one more restart of firefox at this time (close firefox and open it again).
17. Go to step one.

This is FAR faster than rebooting in between. It may seem lengthy, but once you get the pattern down, you can do the whole process (minus the wait and download times) in about 30 seconds.

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