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This great article is from Raw Feeding's (RF) Facebook Group. An excellent source for anyone feeding raw. Suggestions for Starting Raw FeedingBy Ntombi A. Peters and Megan M Scull-Monroe in Raw Feeding (RF) My recommendations for beginning raw feeding:    more »

​Too many sweet carbs can make yeast grow like crazy, also causing chewing and ear problems.    more »

Meat includes anything that's not bone or squishy organs. Muscular organs are also concidered meats: heart, tonguegizzardpenisuterustripeskinlungscartilagefatsinew    more »

Many are confused about what organ meats are: liverkidneybraineyesspleenpancreasglands (sweetbreads) testes    more »

Bovine colostrum has a long history as a nutritional supplement, particularly with the Indian Ayurvedic tradition. Interest in colostrum as a nutritional supplement or treatment for medical conditions has increased over the last few decades, particularly    more »