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10 Unbelievable Router Myths That Need To Be DebunkedWritten byBryan ClarkAugust 4, 2015Most consumers really don’t understand theirrouter.And it’s no surprise. Routers and connectivity are some of the most difficult to understand, and jargon-intensive su    more »

I found a list of useful Cisco commands which I though I would post here. ROUTER COMMANDS : Config# terminal editing – allows for enhanced editing commands Config# terminal monitor – shows output on telnet session Config# terminal ip netmask-format hexad    more »

Port Numbers We all know firewalls are important, and we implement them in a variety of ways, from hardware to free or commercial products. Some firewalls use general rules to set up your security, and some allow you to fine-tune them. There are two c    more »

Here's a summary of wi-fi hardware types: Wireless Network Access Point Allow machines to connect onto a network to share resources such as a Broadband Advice Internet connection and a printer. If looking for an access point, try: Good for n    more »

The first obvious choice is to select a different channel, why so ? Little you may already know, your 802.11g/n wireless device is usually operating on 2.4 GHz frequency. By selecting different channel your wireless network will have a distinct frequency    more »