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Member increasing trend is a monthly statistics summary of increased or deleted contacts and users. To view the member increasing trend, please • Log into the site account; • Go to the Contact module (or User Contact module if you have enabled both); •    more »

Yes, you can ban/block a certain IP address or prevent a certain user from initiating a chat. Banned visitors will not be displayed in the visitor list and cannot request chats. Step by Step Instructions: Step 1. Log into your site account and go to th    more »

By default, the IP addresses of your visitors will be displayed in Visitor Monitor. There are two ways allowing visitors to enter their names which will be shown in the Visitor Monitor window: 1.EnablePre-Chat window, and visitors will be asked to ente    more »

Yes, Comm100 Live Chat supports file transfer between operator(s) and a visitor.You can view the files during the chat and even after the chat. All the transferred files are attached to the chat transcript for your future review. Note: 1. At most 10 fi    more »

Yes. You can get sound alert when there are new visitors landing on your web pages with the Comm100 Live Chat code. The sound alert can be customized in your Visitor Monitor window. Step by Step Instructions: 1. Log into your site account and click Ge    more »