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CS55: Mainstreaming Water Safety Plans in ADB projects

  • Author: ADB Water for All
  • Create Time: 02/02/2012 09:18:45
  • Last Update Time: 11/06/2015 11:07:48   Issue 55, March 2011   
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On behalf of Water CoP chair Amy Leung, Water Committee focal point for Urban Water Stream Rudolf Frauendorfer welcomed members to the 60th session of the Water CoP Catchment Series, jointly organized with the Health CoP. The day’s topic, Rudolf says, “takes us to the next level of discussion on achieving MDG targets,”—ensuring the delivery of safe water supply by mainstreaming water safety plans in ADB projects.

Health CoP’s Rikard Elfving highlighted the apparent and logical connection of water to their own sector work—how water safety plans complement health operational plans and health sector outcomes. Rikard also stressed how the day’s session could lead to further collaboration between the Health and Water CoPs, including partnership with WHO on health impacts of climate change.

EASS’s Joanna Masic, who supervised the work on water safety plans in EASS, said that the plans are one way of assuring project benefits. Joanna then introduced the session’s speaker, David Sutherland, formerly of Atkins Global and now currently with the WHO, who developed the Guidance Note on Mainstreaming Water Safety Plans in ADB projects.

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Mainstreaming Water Safety Plans in ADB projects [ PDF ]

David Sutherland began his presentation with a short background on water safety plans—what they are, the benefits they offer, and what they involve. Citing the Water Safety Plans Manual developed the World Health Organization and the International Water Association, David outlined Water Safety Plans’ key elements, benefits, and procedures, and enumerated current regional initiatives.

David stressed that water safety plans can be considered as both a set of procedures and an approach with a very straightforward aim: “to consistently ensure the safety and acceptability of a drinking water supply.” He then proceeded with a discussion of the draft Guidance Note on Mainstreaming Water Safety Plans in ADB projects.

David explained that the preparation of Water Safety Plans as outlined in the Manual is generally  aligned with ADB’s project cycle and emphasized the need to include Water Safety Plans from the very beginning, detailing how they can be carried out through project preparation, appraisal, and implementation, even up to project evaluation. David closed his presentation with possible next steps for ADB, such as piloting the guidance note in one or more of ADB’s pipelined projects and partnering with WHO in its current projects in Viet Nam, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Lao PDR.

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Conference: Making Sanitation a Sustainable Business

ADB, DMCs, and other development partners will discuss environmental sanitation solution options at the “Making Sanitation a Sustainable Business” conference on 23-25 May at ADBHQ. A RETA on Promoting an Asia-Pacific Wastewater Management Revolution will be launched during the event. See related event. Anand Chiplunkar, 6756


WFPF Annual Report 2010 Now Available

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NARBO Takes River Basin Management to Next Level

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Market-Based Instruments for Water Pollution Control in the People's Republic of China

This report summarizes the current state of water pollution and water pollution management strategies in the People's Republic of China. It also provides specific recommendations for implementing market-based policy instruments, designed to mitigate water pollution and its negative effects. More books.


Water Policy and Related Operations (Independent Evaluation)

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Water Calendar
22 Mar   World Water Day
24-31 Mar   5th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change: Scaling Up: Beyond Pilots (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
31 Mar   15th International Water Technology Conference (Alexandria, Egypt)
6 Apr   Water & Environment 2011: CIWEM's Annual Conference(London, UK)
13-15 Apr    Environmental International Forum SAVE the Planet – Waste & Water Management, Recycling (Sofia, Bulgaria)
15 Apr   International Summit on Water in Developing Countries  (Washington DC, USA)
18 Apr   Global Water Summit 2011 (Berlin, Germany)

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