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Waves 9: Asia, The Netherlands Partner to Pursue Rio+20 Commitments (September 2012)

  • Author: ADB Water for All
  • Create Time: 09/03/2012 10:55:37
  • Last Update Time: 10/01/2015 09:56:21 Issue 9, September 2012     

Asia, The Netherlands Partner to Pursue Rio+20 Commitments

Going into the deep ADB Asia Water Week

1st Asia-Netherlands Water Learning Week
(22-26 Oct 2012; Delft, The Netherlands)

Spurred by the Rio+20 deal on “The Future We Want”, water leaders in Asia and the Netherlands are searching for innovative solutions to secure their countries’ water futures and green their economies. This first knowledge sharing dialogue has for its theme “Making Smart Choices for Water Security and Green Growth”.

Tapping into solutions

“If we want to increase agricultural productivity in Asia on a large scale, we need to couple it with an acknowledgement of where migration is taking place as a result of climate change.”

~David McCauley at ADB’s Eye on Asia during the World Water Week 2012 (28 August; Stockholm, Sweden). See program and materials.

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