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CS62: Building Disaster-Resilient Communities in Flood-Prone Areas (April 2013)

  • Author: ADB Water for All
  • Create Time: 04/18/2013 10:46:47
  • Last Update Time: 10/21/2015 10:10:28 Issue 62, April 2013   

Building Disaster-Resilient Communities in Flood-Prone Areas

(L-R: TAO-Pilipinas’ Arlene Lusterio and Verna Sarraga, Community leader Manolito Villanueva, DILG Undersecretary Fernando Fernandez, and Water CoP co-chair Gil-Hong Kim)

Project team shares the outcomes of the PDA and discusses results with ADB staff and project beneficiaries

ADB co-project officer Audrey Esteban provided a short background of the PDA, which sought to build the community’s resilience to floods. The project helped develop:

  • Four model retrofitted disaster-resilient structure: 2 bridges, a livelihood center-on-stilts, and a 2-storey multipurpose center
  • Disaster risk assessment tools in the local language
  • Toolkit on developing disaster-resilient construction materials

Arlene Lusterio, of implementing NGO TAO-Pilipinas, described the project site and presented the results.

Sitio Pulo, an island in Barangay Tanza, Navotas City, is home to a poor fishing community of about 130 families and often falls victim to flooding brought by typhoons. The island is connected to the mainland by a narrow 500 meter earth dike that gets submerged during floods, making evacuation more difficult.

The disaster-resilient infrastructures that the PDA helped build were constructed using local, low cost materials and technologies. The bridges now provide all weather access to and from Sitio Pulo, while the now elevated livelihood center provides storage for rice and fishing nets. The expanded multipurpose center houses the community library, serves as venue for workshops and children’s tutorial center, and doubles as an evacuation center in times of flood. Translation into English and other languages of the disaster risk assessment tools and toolkit for on developing disaster-resilient construction materials are forthcoming.

TAO-Pilipinas’ Verna Sarraga outlined the community action plan developed by SAMASAISIP (Samahan ng Maralita sa Isla Pulo), Sitio Pulo’s community organization. The plan included options for either in-city resettlement or onsite development, which many residents prefer. SAMASAISIP president Manolito Villanueva gave a short response and thank you speech on behalf of the beneficiary community. Undersecretary Francisco Fernandez of the Department of Interior and Local Government gave the closing message emphasizing the importance of the project and potential for replication in similar flood-prone areas in the Philippines.

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23 - 24 Apr   WHO/IWA Water Safety Plan Audit Meeting (Manila Philippines)
Water CoP Chair Amy Leung welcomed members to the afternoon session and acknowledged the guests, including Undersecretary Francisco Fernandez of the Department of Interior and Local Government, Donna Mayor Gordove and Teresita Salanguit of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and Sitio Pulo Community Leader Manuelito Villanueva.

The session features the results of a PDA that developed innovative planning and design solutions to support the development of disaster-resilient communities in flood prone areas, including undertaking technical capability-building in the target community, through the conduct of training on community-based disaster risk management. ADB PDA co-officer Audrey Esteban (with Mike White) introduced the project.




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