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Educational Document - Getting it Apostille or Legalized

  • Author: NAS Notary Public
  • Create Time: 01/01/2016 10:34:37
  • Last Update Time: 01/01/2016 10:34:37

In response to your inquiry, Notary & Apostille Service can process your educational document for use in any country. 

The cost depends on what USA state your document is from & if it needs to be Apostille or Certified & if the document has to go to Washington, DC Department of State & an Embassy.


Steps to get your educational document an Apostille or Certification for use in another country.

First determine if the person is going to use the original degree or a copy of their educational document. I say this because, the  educational document may have stamps on it, multiple staples or it may have a hole punched into it to attached various other documents to it. Also, the document maybe kept by whoever they are sending it to. So if they are planning on keeping it or want to display they should consider using a copy of the original document. They should also make sure that the person they are sending it to will accept a copy if they are going to use a copy of their educational document.



  1. In order for us to get an Apostille for your educational document their document must be notarized by a school official. It could be the schools Registrar or some other school administrator.  They must coordinated the task of getting a copy of their document if they are planning on using a copy or getting it notarized with the school.  Once, the school is finished with the notary part the document can be mail to us.


  1. If for some reason they want to send the original or copy of their document that is not notarized to us then the following steps apply.


  1. They will have to contact the school via email or telephone and give the school permission for me to get a certified copy of their educational document or for me to pick up an original/copy of their educational document & notarized verification of

their educational document letter. Also let them know some schools may require them to send their original degree to prove they are the holder of that degree. However, they must check with their school for the proper procedure.


  1. If the school does not have a notary on staff & we must go to the school is and the school is in NYC/Long Island then we will get a notarized verification that their educational document is real or a true copy. The school may issue a notarized letter indicating that you have an original degree or it is an official copy.  (There is an additional cost to send a notary public to the school for this service.)


  1. If the school sends us this notarized letter & the notary public is qualified with in the NYC area which includes Kings, Queens, New York (aka Manhattan) County there is no additional charge otherwise there will be a County Surcharge for an "Out of county notary public authentication". These counties includes Bronx County, Richmond County (aka Staten Island), Westchester County & all other counties not mentioned.



Alternate method of getting an Apostille or Certification without going through the school

If all they need is and Apostille or Certification on their educational document, they can send the original degree.  If they don’t want to send their Original degree, they can send a scanned copy to us.

If you want us to process a copy of your degree then email it to us as an attachment. 


Fastest way to get an Apostille or Certification from New York State

If you wish we can also process a copy of your any in state or out of state degree, certificate or transcript using a different procedure that is much faster & can be done in less time.  If the country you are going to use your document in requires information about the schools accreditation we can usually provide that information on the affidavit that goes with your document.



  1. Please note if they are going to use this alternate method of getting an Apostille they must make certain that the educational document will be acceptable if it is not signed by a school official. 
  2. Also, note that some states do require that the educational document be signed by a school official so their document may not be approved if done this way.
  3. If your school does not appear in the CHEA.ORG database it will not be approved by many of the Arabian Embassies & we will not process these type of document beyond the state level.




409-44th St

COPIAGUE, NY 11726-1009 USA 


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