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Can I have sound alert when new visitors come to my site?

  • Author: Comm100 Ellen
  • Create Time: 28/06/2010 09:10:32
  • Last Update Time: 15/04/2015 14:09:32




You can get sound alert when there are new visitors landing on your web pages with the Comm100 Live Chat code.


The sound alert can be customized in your Visitor Monitor window.


Step by Step Instructions:


1. Log into your site account and click Get Online & Chat to log into your Visitor Monitor;


Get Online & Chat


2. Click Settings;

3. Click Sound Settings;


Sound & Popup


4. Select New Visitor and check Sound;

5. Select a proper sound option from the dropdown list and adjust the volume according to your needs;

6. Click the Play icon to play the selected sound;

7. Click OK.


Preference Settings


Now, you will receive a notification sound when new visitors come to your website.

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Fernando   11/02/2012 18:58:08  
[Comment Only]   I am so many times away from the chat because:<br /><br />1. I forgot to open it<br />2. I just can't have too many pages open<br /><br />I was looking for an app that allows me to be connected to the chat all the time, and get new visitor alerts or notifications. The only one I found was the one for Apple Movil. I think it will be very helpful to have an app for Google Chrome with this features...​<br /><br />Love, oT.
dada   20/01/2012 06:26:29  
[Helpful]   nice 
Amol   04/01/2012 23:08:45  
[Not Helpful]   The notification sound feature is not working. Installed updated flash player 11, adobe Air with desktop client. Still sound notification is not working. <br />System Configuration:<br />XP pro SP2,<br />Chrome & IE 8,<br />AC97 Audio. Google chat & yahoo chat notification features work fine in both browsers.
Denise Smith   18/12/2010 13:03:42  
[Helpful]   This feedback was ver helpful. Now I can be on other screens and get notified when a visitor comes on my site. Thanks
domenico   09/10/2010 12:01:29  
[Helpful]   <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span style="font-size: x-small;"><span style="background-color: #e6ecf9; color: #000;">and was very helpful explanation<br /></span>well cared for very well</span></span></p>