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How to customize the manual-invitation (with a predefined message on it)?

  • Author: Lindsay - Comm100
  • Create Time: 30/06/2010 19:13:22
  • Last Update Time: 24/03/2013 16:55:32

With the manual-invitation, you can manually invite a visitor on your website to chat with you. 

You can customize the invitation button according to your needs, including choosing an image that best fits your website, pre-defining a personalized message which is sent along with the invitation button, uploading your own invitation image and etc.​

Step-by-Step Instruction:


Step 1. Log into your site account;

Step 2. Click the Customize at the left menu;

If you have multiple code plans, please click Customize Code Plans at the left main menu.

Step 3. Go to the Invitation tab; 

Note: If you have multiple code plans, please choose the one you use, click Edit to go to the Invitation tab. 

Here you can:

1. change the invitation window position from the drop down list;

2. change the image appears on the invitation window from system gallery or customize your own;

3. Customize the invitation message.

To use the images from system gallery:

Step 4. Click Select Image, select Gallery and choose an image that best fits the style of your website then click OK to save it;

To customize your own image: 

Step 4.  Click Select Image, select Custom Upload and upload your own image; 
Upload Invitation

Note: If you use your own image for the invitation, please make sure there has a close area (i.e. close button) on your image to place the close mask on so that the invitation window can be closed by clicking on it.

Step 5. After uploading, click the Show Advanced Options button; 

Step 6. Now you will see two mask sections appear on the image. You can drag the mask area to fit your Close area and Text area in the right position. By dragging the lower-right corner, you are able to adjust the size of the mask area.

Step 7. Click OK to save the settings.

You have finished the customization and the settings take effect immediately. Moreover, every time when you manually invite visitors to chat with you, you can edit the invitation message before sending out the invitation.

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