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Does Comm100 Ticket support Multi-source Information Capture?

  • Author: Jake Looney
  • Create Time: 06/07/2010 19:13:14
  • Last Update Time: 07/11/2011 01:37:50



Comm100 knows that it’s vital for businesses to provide the best possible customer service. Comm100 Ticket helps businesses easily handle customer queries from multiple channels and quickly follow up by email.

Multi-source information capture grant you the opportunity to integrate inquiries created via email, live chat, offline message, web form and phone call into an easy-to-use multi-user web interface.


1. Capture incoming emails from your email inbox. Multiple inbound email accounts are supported.

2. Capture transcripts from Comm100 Live Chat. Each chat transcript and offline message can be automatically attached to your ticket.

3. Capture messages from your web forms. Each customer inquiry can be delivered from your website as a ticket.

4. Capture messages from Comm100 Help Desk. Each customer inquiry can be delivered from your help desk as a ticket.

5. Attach your call logs to a ticket.

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