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How to update Comm100 Visitor Monitor?

  • Author: Comm100 Ellen
  • Create Time: 17/07/2010 00:40:45
  • Last Update Time: 04/04/2013 00:24:00


With Comm100 Live Chat, to view visitors' information & history, monitor visitors' activities, chat with visitors, you need to log into Visitor Monitor


Currently, there are three types of Visitor Monitor: Web ClientDesktop Client and Mobile Client of Comm100 Live Chat Visitor Monitor.


1. If you are using the Web Client, you will always get the latest version. All updates will be done automatically. There is no work on your side.


2. If you are using the Desktop Client, a message box will pop up when any update is available. Click Download now in the message box to update your desktop client.


3. If you are using the Mobile Client, a message box will pop up to remind you to get the latest version when you log in.

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