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How to display my visitors' names instead of IP in Visitor Monitor?

  • Author: Maria (training) - Comm100
  • Create Time: 23/07/2010 05:31:11
  • Last Update Time: 15/04/2015 15:35:59

By default, the IP addresses of your visitors will be displayed in Visitor Monitor. There are two ways allowing visitors to enter their names which will be shown in the Visitor Monitor window:

1. Enable Pre-Chat window, and visitors will be asked to enter their names before they start chatting with you.

2. Enable the option of Allow visitors to set their names during chatting, and visitors can change their display names manually while chatting with you.

Step by Step Instructions:


Step 1. Log into your site account;

Step 2. Click Customization (if you have multiple code plans, select the target code plan from the dropdown list);


Comm100 Live Chat Customization


Step 3. Go to the Chat Window tab;

Step 4. Scroll down the page and select the option Allow visitors to set their names during chatting in the Options section;



Step 5. Click OK.


After that, visitors can change their display names manually while chatting with you by clicking on   in the top left of the chat window.


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dan walsh   15/03/2011 23:17:53  
[Comment Only]   I can't get the names to appear?
Ed   07/10/2010 19:06:54  
[Not Helpful]   <p>This should be integrated better.  For instance, on your site, once I am logged in you already know my name.  This should be displayed in the Name field of the VistorMonitor panel, as well as in the chat (as opposed to the IP address that is currently shown).  A simple way to accomplish this would be to add a function to your LiveChat.js file.  The web programmer could then add something similar to the following directly after your code: <script>comm100_SetName('<%= username %>')</script>  Your comm100_SetName function would simply call out to your server passing it the visitorId and new Name.</p>