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Can I design and use my own signature?

  • Author: Kelly - Comm100
  • Create Time: 06/08/2010 00:51:49
  • Last Update Time: 24/10/2011 04:48:34



A signature is a bit of personalized text, sometimes with images or hyperlinks, such as your contact information and company's tagline. With Comm100 Ticket, you can pre-define one or more signatures for different From email addresses.

There are two ways to design and use your signature: using the Signature feature and using the Canned Response feature.

Using the Signature feature:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1. Click Customize Signature to edit your own signature when you response to a ticket.

Step 2. Editing the signature according to your needs.

Step 3. Save the settings.

After that, the signature will be automatically added into your ticket message when you reply to tickets.

Using the Canned Response feature:

You can design your own signature when you and save it as a canned response. When replying to a ticket, you can get it from your Canned Response and insert it into your reply message.


Step-by-Step Instructions:


  • To create a signature:

Step 1. Sign in your Comm100 account;

Step 2. Click the triangle icon then Manage Canned Response when you response to a ticket to manage your canned responses.

Step 3. Click New Canned Response;

Step 4. Design your own signature in the Content box;

You can use rich text, graphics and HTML in your signatures. The formatting editor is available for you to insert images and colored text, add hyperlinks, and much more.

Step 5. Click Save to save your signature for future use.


  • To use a signature:


Step 1. Click Canned Response when you response to tickets.


Step 2. Select a certain signature and click Insert.

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