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Can I export my tickets and then analyze the statistics?

  • Author: Jenny - Comm100
  • Create Time: 30/08/2010 00:24:32
  • Last Update Time: 07/12/2010 03:26:49


Unfortunately, no.

But there is a workaround for you to copy the information (field values) of your tickets to Notepad then open with Microsoft Office Excel to analyze the statistics.


Step by Step Instuctions:

Step 1. Log into your site account and click Tickets from Email Ticket main menu;

Step 2. You may need to adjust the page size before copying the tickets;


Change Page Site (PS)


Step 3. Select and copy the information of your tickets.


Copy field values of tickets


Step 4. Open your Notepad, paste the copied information and then save it to your local machine;


Save in Notepad



Step 5. Open the saved file with Microsoft Office Excel.


Open with Microsoft Office Excel


Now you have the tickets' inforamtion copied and opened in Microsoft Office Excel. You can select columns to sort them by order and analyze the information to get what you need.



1. When you query for tickets, you can change the Query condition to bring out defferent groups of tickets.


Change Query conditions


2. By default, some fields are not showing in the Tickets list. You can edit those fields to make them show in the list.

Click here to see how to make a field show in the ticket list.

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