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Can I hide fields or adjust the displaying order of certain fields (Customize Columns)?

  • Author: Lindsay - Comm100
  • Create Time: 30/08/2010 03:08:02
  • Last Update Time: 12/02/2012 19:23:43


By default, some fields are showing in the Tickets list while some are not. You can select which fields to be shown in the Ticket list and adjust the display order of columns.


Step by Step Instructions:


Step 1. Go to the Tickets tab in the Ticket portal;

Step 2. Click one query in Query or Label, e.g. All Tickets;


Step 3. Click Customize Columns;

Step 4. Customizing the columns according to your needs;


Step 5. Save the settings.

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Daniel Willingham   17/01/2012 13:52:23  
[Not Helpful]    Is there no way to list the Label assigned to the tickets in one of the query columns?