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How to add Comm100 Live Chat onto a WordPress site?

  • Author: Lindsay - Comm100
  • Create Time: 29/09/2010 00:03:57
  • Last Update Time: 24/03/2013 08:37:40


Comm100 provides Live Chat plugin for WordPress site. This article walks you through the simple process of how to install Live Chat onto your website powered by Wordpress.


Step by Step Instructions:


Step 1. Download the Live Chat plugin;

Step 2. Log into the admin panel of your WordPress website, hover your mouse over the Plugins menu and click Add New;



Step 3. Click Upload;

Step 4. Click Browse to browse for the plugin file;



Step 5. Click Install Now;



Step 6. Click Activate Plugin and you will see Comm100 Live Chat appear in the Plugin list;



Step 5. Choose Comm100 Live Chat and click Account Setup;



Step 6. Enter your site information and click Link Up;



Note: If you don’t have an account with Comm100, please click here to learn how to create a new Comm100 account from Wordpress.


Step 6. Now, you will see a notification that your live chat has been installed successfully. Click Activate Now to activate Live Chat widget;



Note: If you have multiple code plans, you'll need to select one cold plan you want to use on your wordpress site. 



Step 7. Now, you'll see Comm100 Live Chat widget is available to use. Please drag Comm100 Live Chat widget to a sidebar on the right to activate Comm100 Live Chat;



Step 8. Click Save and then click Get online and chat with your visitors.​


Now, your chat button shows online on your website. Visitors can click on the button to chat with you.


If you need any help installing Comm100 Live Chat onto your WordPress site, please feel free to chat with uspost on our support forum or submit a ticket to us.

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vishnu   27/03/2014 03:52:53  
[Helpful]   Thanks
sampath   10/06/2013 19:45:20  
[Helpful]    very helpfull kindly check is it installed properly
Nasir   01/04/2013 12:34:37  
paul   07/01/2013 23:51:43  
[Helpful]   The widget is not there to put into the sidebar. Can you help me out? Running version 3.5 wordpress

the binh   11/12/2012 23:17:04  
[Not Helpful]   I cannot find Comm100 Live Chat widget :(
john   10/12/2012 02:44:43  
[Helpful]    Hi,
thanks for your instructions.
I have a problem during installation,
I followed all the way to ​Step 6, and I cannot find thWidgets link to activate the widget,.
Now I have installed comm100 as plugins, but not widget, so It could not appear on the sidebar. 
Kindly help
sunny   01/11/2012 13:20:21  
[Helpful]    thanks sir this is imaging plugins that i need

thanks for help
Miguel Bobadilla   29/06/2012 12:09:24  

would you please call me for help instaling in word press.

Thank you,

Miguel Bobadilla

wasim   28/05/2012 00:21:41  
[Helpful]    awesome
Balakrishnan.S   22/04/2011 03:09:16  
[Helpful]   That was a superb piece of information.Thanks alot ....Laughing