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How to forward the message of a new ticket submitted from Help Desk to certain email address(es)?

  • Author: Lindsay - Comm100
  • Create Time: 20/05/2011 01:01:55
  • Last Update Time: 19/12/2011 01:37:12

Comm100 Ticket has multiple channels to capture customer queries including help desk, emails, chats, offline messages and web-to-tickets, and etc. 

When there is a new ticket submitted from your help desk, you can view the ticket in your Ticket module. Or you can also set up an auto-follow-up rule to automatically forward the ticket to certain operator(s). 

Step-by-Step Instruction:

Step 1. Create an operator (e.g Lindsay) with the email address to which a new ticket are forwarded;

Step 2. Add at least one enabled email server into your Ticket module because all follow-up emails are sent out by email.

For how to add a POP3 mail server into your Ticket module, please click here.

For how to add a Microsoft exchange server into your Ticket module, please click here.

The email server cannot be an email of any operators in your account, otherwise you may run into an endless loop.

Step 3. Go to Settings under the Setup tab;

Step 4. Click Auto Follow Up;

Step 5. Click New Auto Follow Up to set up a rule;

Step 6. Set a name for the auto-follow-up, fill in the general info and check Enable;

Step 7. Specify the conditions when the auto-follow-up rule will be triggered;
Note: You can also add more conditions by clicking More Conditions if necessary.

Step 8. Check Send Email to Ticket Contact(s) if you want to send notification emails to your clients, and select the operator(s) who need to be notified.

Step 9. Edit the email content with the information of the newly created ticket;
A sample email is shown as below.

Step 10. Save the settings.


After that, when a ticket is submitted from your help desk, it will be automatically forwarded to the specified operator(s).

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