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How can I customize my Chat Window?

  • Author: Lindsay - Comm100
  • Create Time: 08/11/2011 21:18:08
  • Last Update Time: 24/03/2013 14:29:26


Chat Window is used by visitors to chat with your customer service representatives. You can customize the chat window to match the style of your website.


Step-by-Step Instruction:


Step 1. Log into your site account;

Step 2. Click the Customize at the left menu;

If you are using multiple code plans, please click Customize Code Plans at the left main menu instead;

Step 3. Go to the Chat Window tab and customize the style according to your preference. You can edit your chat window title, change the branding image and set the font and background color of your chat window;

Note: If you have multiple code plans, please choose the one you use and click Edit to go to the Chat Window tab. 


Step 4. Scroll down to the end of the page and set other additional options;


Step 6. You can also go to the Advanced tab and add a greeting message into Chat Window;

Step 7. Click OK to save the settings.

Now you have successfully modified your chat window. The new settings takes effect automatically and immediately. You can go to your website and see how the settings work to your satisfactions. 

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