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Advanced Live Chat Feature: Advanced Reports

  • Author: Cecilia - Comm100
  • Create Time: 05/12/2011 02:07:55
  • Last Update Time: 11/12/2011 22:42:58

For many companies, live chat is a feature that is a “quick fix” to improve return-on-investment (ROI) and conversion while also streamlining customer service efforts. However, as live chat programs and technologies have advanced, live chat can be as robust a data center and marketing channel as email marketing, call centers, or even advertising campaigns. The data that you collect from your live chat program can not only lead to a highly optimized live chat structure that results in unmatched ROI, it can also inform your other marketing channels and business decisions. To provide you with the tools that you need to take advantage of both opportunities, Comm100 has launched its  Live Chat with new, improved, Advanced Reporting features unlike any in the industry!


Get Started with Basic Reports

If you’re new to using live chat (or to marketing metrics in general), you may want to start out with a scan of the basic live chat metric reports available. Those include Visit & Chat Metrics, Chat Metrics and Missed or Refused Chats. While these reports are highly useful and necessary to incorporating a successful live chat program, it’s the data of the upcoming reports that can take your live chat program from good to great.


Auto Invitation Reports: Are You Actively Engaging Customers to Chat?

If you are using Comm100 Intelligent Auto Invitation for live chat (you can learn more about it by clicking here  if you aren’t), then the advanced reports for auto invitation performance  can ensure that you perfect your auto invitation strategy. The Report shows each invitation that was popped up and whether or not it was accepted or rejected, the times associated and the acceptance rate of each auto invitation. You can identify underperforming auto invitations and alter their content or parameters to create more effective invitation campaigns. You’ll be able to increase the number of users who respond to your invitations and who give you the opportunity for a one-to-one interaction and conversion


Rating Reports: Let Your Users Improve Your Performance for You

If you have taken advantage of the Comm100 Rating feature (you can learn more about it by clicking here if you haven’t), the results of your customers’ ratings are then captured in these Rating Reports. Being able to quickly scan this report shows you not only how satisfied users are overall with your live chat performance (and therefore how much work you need to do to improve it), but also who your best live chat operators are. You’ll also be able to compare a live chat rating to a specific live chat transcript so that you can identify chat techniques that result in the best possible customer reviews.

Advanced Operator Reports: Maximize Performance and Customer Response

There are two constants in virtually all studies on live chat performance when it comes to user satisfaction. The first is proper grammar (so take the time to have a copy writer check your auto invitations and canned responses!). The second is agent skill set. Comm100 offers three advanced operator reports that can help you identify and leverage your best live chat customer service agents.

  • Operator Time Online in One Day: This report shows you an operator’s time online each day at every single point of time in a defined day, marked as Online, Away, and Offline. You can use this report to identify which operators or teams may be causing missed chat opportunities by not being available as needed and adjust team responsibilities or staffing as necessary.

  • Operator Average Online Time in a Period: This report shows you an operator or team’s Online, Away, or Offline Time in a preset period. This allows you to more closely identify employee gaps or staffing concerns as well as to monitor the work load of each individual live chat operator.

  • Operator Performance: Operator performance breaks down each operator’s live chat metrics by workload and service performance. This includes average online time, chat times, average rating, and all other detailed metrics.Identifying who your best chat operators are can help you determine who to give greater responsibility to and who to leverage to help train, monitor, and improve the overall performance of your live chat team.


Search Metrics: Do You Have the Right Data to Craft a Live chat Strategy?

The best live chat strategies will leverage the data and information that you have about why users visit your website and what they are looking for when they get there. By reviewing the comprehensive advanced Search Engine Report and Keywords Report, you can not only identify why customers come to your site, you can identify what they might be looking for when they get there. You can then use that data to set up specific Intelligent Auto Invitation for Live chat invites based on high volume, targeted keywords. You can also ensure that even your generic live chat invitations and verbiage reflect the common keywords that users think of when they come to your site. This will make your live chats more relevant and relatable to your visitors and users.


The Benefits of Advanced Reports 

What can you do with all of this available data? You can make actionable changes with measurable results to improve your live chat program and, as a result, improve your overall sales, conversions, revenue, and return-on-investment (ROI).

Optimize Operators and Teams
: Identifying who is the strongest, and who is the weakest,  managing live chat interactions means that you can make informed staffing decisions. That could mean using your best operators to handle the majority of the live chats or using those same operators to train and improve the skill sets of others on the team. It may mean recognizing that some operators take too long on live chats and then working to ensure that they have the proper canned responses to reduce their overall chat time. It may even mean knowing exactly when you need to expand your resources and hire more staff. Whether your live chat program is just beginning or already has its own customer service department, improving and optimizing your operators and team members will improve your overall performance and metrics.

Customized Live Chat to Increase Performance Metrics
: Just like all other marketing communications channels, the more that you can segment, target, and personalize your live chat responses, the greater the return that you will see. By understanding user behavior, search and keyword terms, and the types of chats that rate highly (or poorly), you can tailor your live chat program to respond to those user thought processes. You can then use that data and information to improve all of your marketing channels to be more responsive to your users’ thoughts and opinions.

Improve Constantly Based on Real-Time Conditions
: No matter how good your live chat program is, there is always room for improvement. Easy-to-query and easy-to-understand metric reports mean that you can always spot the weak area in your live chat program and be actively working to improve it. You’ll never have to wait for an issue to become so big that it requires significant time and energy to fix it, because you’ll be improving your live chat performance at all points.


Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power. With the powerful  advanced Reporting options, you have the tools to create a high performing, streamlined chat option that will yield tangible, positive results.

If you're interested in this feature, welcome to 
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