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Advanced Live Chat Feature: Rating

  • Author: Cecilia - Comm100
  • Create Time: 11/12/2011 19:03:26
  • Last Update Time: 24/03/2013 18:41:46

Customer feedback is the corner stone of improving all business practices, and that includes your Live Chat program. Not only does allowing customers to provide feedback on an experience give you valuable information with which you can grow and expand that service, but it also allows your customers to feel empowered and engaged. The Rating feature of Comm100 Live Chat  allows you to easily and quickly install an optional rating system, set to your preferences, at the end of any chat session.

Customizable Features

You have full control of editing how the Rating feature appears. You can customize the welcome message, the number of rating options that you provide and choose whether or not to allow visitors to leave optional comments after providing a rating. The language and content of the Rating feature is entirely determined by you.

Empowered Customers are Satisfied Customers

If you choose to enable the rating feature for no other reason, remember that empowered customers are always more satisfied customers. Whether your rating data is positive or negative, customers who are invited to and allowed to leave an opinion are more committed customers and leave with a greater feeling of satisfaction. Enabling the Rating feature can improve your customer service simply by improving your customers’ opinions of you.


Collect Valuable Data from Live Chat Ratings

In addition to allowing customers to feel as though their voices are being heard, the Rating feature can provide you with important data to improve not only your live chat but also many overall business practices. Examples include:

Operator Performance: Not only can you tell which operators may need improvement in managing live chats, but you can also see which operators get consistently high ratings from chats. This not only allows you to reallocate staffing so that the most successful live chat operators take the bulk of or the most important chats, but it also allows you to identify potential trainers or managers for live chat techniques.

Department Performance: Similar to the data that you can generate in relation to individual   operator performance, the data that you can collect regarding department performance is equally important. Your product specialists may get consistently high ratings, but your billing specialists may get consistently low ratings. By identifying this trend, you will know that your billing specialists require additional training and support on effectively managing live chats.

Successful Chat Techniques: In the rating report, you can see ratings next to the transcript of the chat that the rating was from. By studying this data, you’ll be able to identify chat techniques and verbiage that lead to the best comments and ratings. Then you can make those transcript segments into canned Live Chat responses or train your team members to emulate them.

If your're interested in this feature, please UPGRADE to Comm100 Live Chat Enterprise.

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