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How to install Comm100 Live Chat plugin on my Joomla!1.5?

  • Author: Kelly - Comm100
  • Create Time: 25/03/2012 18:09:39
  • Last Update Time: 13/08/2012 16:03:31
Comm100 provides plugins for Joomla sites. This article walks you through the simple process of installing Live Chat onto your Joomla!1.5. If you are using Joomla!1.6 or above, please click here for instructions.​  ​

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1. Download the Live Chat plugin for Joomla!1.5;

Step 2. Open your Joomla administration panel and click Install/Uninstall from the Extensions drop-down list;

Step 3. Click Choose File to browse for the Live Chat plugin and then click Upload File & Install;

Step 4. Click Module Manager from the Extensions drop-down list and you will find Comm100 Live Chat listed in the module list. Click on Comm100 Live Chat to open the module settings page;

Step 5. Choose the position where you want to place your live chat button, set Module Assignment, enter your live chat Module Parameters (Site IdPlan Id and Partner Id) and enable the module;

  • In the Code Type option, please choose Main Code

  • You can find the Site IdPlan Id and Partner Id information in your live chat code. For example,  below is a part of your live chat code: 

    <script src=";planId=298&amp;partnerId=-1" type="text/javascript"></script>

    Then, your Site Id is 27261, Plan Id is 298 and Partner Id is -1. 

  • You should have a Live Chat account with Comm100. If you don't have one, click here to sign up.  


Step 6. Click Apply and click Save and then you can see a chat button show up on your site. 

If you need any help installing Comm100 Live Chat onto your Joomla site, please feel free to chat with us, post on our support forum or submit a ticket to us.

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James   23/01/2013 06:23:15  
[Helpful]    my comm100 chat is showing offline mode thus a website visitor wont be able to chat live. how do i make it appear online
Eaglelord   09/05/2012 19:49:33  
[Helpful]    This module is really great. I just installed it on my site and is really work. Now i can chat with my clients. Thank you.<br />
Robert Grothe   20/04/2012 12:36:06  
[Helpful]   <p>We NEED a LiveChat plugin for Joomla v2.0.5 ASAP.<br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />Robert Grothe, web manager<br />RRI/WildcardRentals<br />​</p>