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Where Do I find the itunes link URL in itunes that does a one click subscribe

  • Author: David Jackson
  • Create Time: 11/28/2011 09:05:48
  • Last Update Time: 11/28/2011 09:05:48
Go into iTunes
Click on iTunes Store
In the search box type the name of your podcast
When you see your album art in the search esults, right click on your album art and choose "Copy Link"
(This is also available from your page in iTunes - right click your album art)

Two Ways of Linking
If you put that link on your website (i.e. ) a visitor can click it (I'm going to count the clicks this is click 1) and the visitor will be taken to an iTunes Preview Page. From there they can click (click 2) View in iTunes (and their computer will probably prompt them to open iTunes). The visitor will click on OK (click 3). This brings up your page in iTunes. From there the visitor click (click4) on the Subscribe Free button and they will be prompted to confirm their choice (click 5). At that point they are now subscribed to your podcast. Apple notes that you have an official subsriber and you (for lack of a better phrase) "get credit" for it. It is this "Credit" that is used in popularity listing in itunes (although how things are done in iTunes is a mystery, but this is assumed).

So you "Get Credit" for the subscriber, but it took five clicks.

True One Click Subscription

Instead of placing the link " " on your website change the begining of that URL to "itpc://"

so original link is

new link is itpc://

This is a true one click subscription. It opens iTunes and and adds subscribes to your pdocast instantly. That's the good news. The bad news is you get "No Credit" for the subscriber in iTunes (so your popularity rankings are not boosted).

When iTunes first came on the scene, subscribing to a podcast was a two click process. As time has moved on Apple has made it more difficult (and there is no subscription option at all in iTunes on an iPad).

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Matti Vann   08/14/2014 12:37:20  
[Helpful]    Thanks Dave!!!! You are the best! I am a do it yourselfer wordpress girl and just started my podcast thanks to your podcast!!! It is rough, but it is can only get better, right?!