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Working With Pressure and Blade Length Settings

  • Author: Camilla
  • Create Time: 03/09/2011 15:02:43
  • Last Update Time: 03/09/2011 15:02:43

When your paper is lifting and tearing the most likely culprit is that you are using too long of a blade length or too high of a pressure. For as simple as those little pieces are, they play a huge role in the quality of your cuts. I recommend starting out with a blade length of about 2-2 ½. I know from experience that these blade length settings work well for a wide range of papers when combined with the proper pressure settings. Remember that pressure and blade length are two different things! When using the blade length of 2-2 ½ I use a pressure setting that will range from 14-18 depending on the paper that I’m cutting. Whenever the paper starts to lift up and tear I will back down on my pressure. I will usually only change the pressure in increments of one or two. If the paper still continues to tear, but the cut is all the way through, I’ll reduce it again. However, if I’ve reduced the pressure to a point that it’s not cutting through but my paper is still tearing, I’ll increase the pressure back up again one or two increments and then reduce the blade length. That means I would reduce the amount of blade showing so that there’s not so much blade sticking out of the holder.

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Jacqueline   08/14/2014 17:07:57  
[Helpful]    Hola, que presión o que numero debo poner para cortar fondant al hacerlo se rompe la hoja ya que no tengo las medidas. gracias
Jacqueline   08/14/2014 17:06:30  
[Not Helpful]    Hola, sabes que cambie de pc y no puedo instalar el programa, pongo el cd y no lo toma.  Otra cosa cual es la presión que debe tener la aguja para cortar pasta goma o fondant en repostería puedo hacerla funcionar se rompe.
Bonnie   08/08/2013 12:08:46  
[Helpful]   I can't seem to find any information on pastry uses. I have watched the video and read the book but they are not much help.<br /><br />When setting pressures is the higher number less pressure or more? Is the blade setting higher with the higher numbers?<br /><br />My first attempt at fondant cutting I broke the blade and the wheels were pushing through the fondant until you could see through it. That was using the settings recommended in the video.<br /><br />Please direct me to where I can find more in depth instructions. I bought this to help cut out fondant and cookies but will need to return it and keep buying cutters if I can't get it right soon.<br /><br />Thank you, Bonnie
Leonie Shannon   03/01/2013 17:56:30  
[Helpful]   After having so much trouble cutting paper and chipboard I followed your instructions above and the chipboard is still lifting and tearing.  I kept the blade at 2-21/2 and slowly increased the preasure, at 20 the board showed no sings of cut I then increased it to 48 and I had a slight sign of cut.  Since I have had my puzzle I have had nothing but trouble with getting a decent cut even after I renew the blade,this is driving me crazy, could you please help.
dave   02/08/2013 16:47:50  
[Not Helpful]    A simple holly leaf is consistantly tearing dispite the correct settings and pressure, in fact any pressure. the points are also 'lifting' . Blade is new
Adri   01/21/2013 07:35:02  
[Helpful]    Thankyou my masjien work on 12 pressure and 2 blade fantastic<br />
Adri   01/20/2013 08:50:59  
[Helpful]   Thank you 
Adri   01/20/2013 08:50:30  
[Helpful]    Thank you the pressure and blade settings helped me alot.I was so stressed up with all the tearing
Lorraine   10/13/2012 20:41:31  
[Helpful]   Helpful as I haven't used mine in ages, so will test this. Thanks. 
Colleen   10/05/2011 19:50:38  
[Helpful]   <p>Help please I have done this pressure at 2 yes I said 2 and the blade is at 1.5 I have gone thru so much paper and 2 matts and a new blade. Please help me.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Thanks</p>
Carol Burger   08/31/2011 11:32:54  
[Helpful]   <p>What pressure and blade length must you use to cut chipboard.  Don't seem to get this right!</p><p>Either it doesn't cut through or the paper tears!</p><p>Please Help<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span></p>