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Issue 41 : The Price and Prize of Innovations (December 2008)

  • Author: ADB Water for All
  • Create Time: 07/25/2011 10:04:55
  • Last Update Time: 11/11/2015 17:14:42
Issue 41, December 2008  

The Price and Prize of Innovations

Innovations are new and better ways of doing things. Whether radical or incremental, they often get mixed reactions because their promise of positive gains always comes with the risk of failure. This issue features different forms of innovations—technology, processes, policy, and financing modalities—recently applied in the region, how they were handled by their proponents, and the gains they have generated so far. Underpinning each story is the fact that while individuals and institutions pay a price to introduce and mainstream an innovation, their gains are well worth it.
Champion of Reform
Young inventor Adrian Yeo’s portable device makes filthy water squeaky clean. Introduced as a quick-fix to the water needs of post-tsunami Aceh, the device was embraced by the villagers and has now reached Cambodia and Myanmar. “I thought we were just providing drinking water. But subsequent visits showed me that we were doing so much more,” Yeo said. “We keep introducing reforms to improve our service,” says MAMSL Attanayake, Deputy Director General in Sri Lanka’s National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB), when asked how his organization keeps up with the increasing water supply and sanitation demands of the people. From customer charters to quality circles, NWSDB’s reforms have been bearing fruits for the utility.



Innovations are often risky. But they can work and be mainstreamed if the risks are identified, shared among, and managed by the parties involved.
Singapore has made sewage water sparkling clean and safe once again. Read the step-by-step scientific process that made this happen.
Through water kiosks, Davao City’s water utility brought much awaited safe water to two peri-urban towns. When will the other urban fringes follow?
No risk is too big where one’s future is at stake. Discover how India is using ADB’s multitranche financing facility to improve its water future.
Small pipes and a policy provided Viet Nam towns with steady and safe water. Could this be the lasting solution that the poor have been waiting for?



ADB, IWMI Ink Agreement on Irrigation Assessment
ADB and the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) signed an Agreement to assess achievements and future directions of irrigation and drainage in Asia from 1988-2008. The study seeks to synthesize reforms in irrigation service delivery and guide ADB’s investments in irrigation and irrigated agriculture.

Asia-Pacific Water Stakeholders Prepare for 5th World Water Forum
The Japan Water Forum (JWF), Secretariat of the Asia Pacific Water Forum, is mobilizing key water stakeholders for contributions to a “Regional Perspective Document” to be presented at the 5th World Water Forum (5WWF) in Istanbul, Turkey on 16-22 March 2009. JWF is this year’s 5WWF regional coordinator for the Asia-Pacific.

Dhaka, Cebu Water Utilities to Visit Expert Twins in Korea, Australia
Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority officials will observe operations of Daejon’s K-Water on 14-20 December, while Metro Cebu Water District officials will visit Melbourne’s City West Water on 19-24 January 2009. These educational tours are part of the utilities’ twinning arrangements under ADB’s Water Operators Partnerships Program.

Spain Joins ADB's Water Financing Partners; Commitments Reach US$65M
The Government of Spain has committed US$5M to ADB’s Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF), joining Australia, Austria, the Netherlands, and Norway as financing partners. WFPF mobilizes cofinancing to support water investments and reforms. Spain’s contribution brings total WFPF commitments to more than US$65M.

Water Utilities Discussed “Homework” at Nonrevenue Water Course
ADB’s Nonrevenue Water (NRW) Management Training Course held its 2nd session on 10-14 November in Malaysia. Participating utilities examined the successes and implementation problems of the NRW action plans they submitted as course homework for the first session. A final session will be held next year.

Water Utilities Highlight Leadership’s Role in Improving Services
Leadership’s role in improving water services delivery was the subject of a South East Asian Water Utilities Network forum on 27-29 October in Lao PDR. The forum cited the exemplary experiences of Phnom Penh, Singapore, Manila, and Hai Phong utilities that can impart important lessons to others in Asia.

Workshop on Water and Climate Change Yields Strategies, Proposals
About 100 participants to the regional workshop on water and climate change adaptation in Malaysia on 1-5 December developed strategies and proposals for climate change adaptation in the Asia-Pacific region. ADB, Japan, and other stakeholders will map out a program of assistance in January.

Indonesia: Citarum Basin to Benefit from Multitranche Investment Program
Overused Citarum River will receive the benefits of integrated water resources management through an ADB US$500M multitranche investment program. An initial US$50M tranche will bring safe water supply and sanitation for poor families and allow the cultivation of an additional 25,000 hectares of paddy for farming families.

Kyrgyz Republic: ADB Increases Funding for Water Infrastructure Project
ADB added US$30M more to the US$36M Community-Based Infrastructure Services Sector Project, after funds fell short due to price increases of construction supplies. ADB’s Shakeel Khan said, “Unless additional funding is provided, many communities hoping to benefit from the project will remain without safe water supply and sanitation.”

Pakistan: Water Infrastructures, Reforms to Reach Sindh Province’s Cities
A US$300M multitranche loan will support urban sector reforms and capacity development, and priority investments in water supply, wastewater, and solid waste management infrastructure for Sindh’s secondary cities. A US$38M first tranche targets institutional change and infrastructure projects for cities in northern Sindh.

Philippines: ADB to Support Livelihood Improvements for Poor Farmers
A US$70M ADB loan will improve the lives and incomes of more than 150,000 poor farmers in southern Philippines, including six provinces in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao that have high levels of poverty. It will also aim to build stronger, more all-encompassing farmer organizations.

Philippines: Local Communities Zero in on Diarrhea, Sanitation
Some 28 out of 42,000 barangays (villages) received plaques and PhP150,000 each from the Philippines’ Department of Health for providing their residents with properly functioning toilets in their homes, cleaning up their waterways, and reducing deaths from diarrhea to zero. ADB hosted the awarding ceremony on 10 December.

Sri Lanka: ADB Supports Water and Sanitation Improvements in Dry Zone
ADB funds will rehabilitate and expand water and sanitation services in Sri Lanka’s northern dry zone area, and hopefully bring peace among conflicting communities. ADB’s Tatiana Gallego-Lizon said, “The project constitutes an opportunity to support the reconciliation process by bringing communities together.”

Viet Nam: Health Reforms Target Rural Poor, Ethnic Minorities
A 32-year, US$72M ADB loan will improve overall health services for Viet Nam’s poor, especially women, children, and ethnic minorities, with a special focus on reproductive health care. The project will also equip new and existing facilities with quality water, sanitation, and medical waste management systems.


Knowledge Products
Water for All #11: Floods and the Poor
Reviving Lakes and Wetlands: Lessons Learned from the People's Republic of China
Get a copy of ADB’s new book that offers experiences, lessons, and advice from three successful lake and wetlands restoration programs.
  Islands and Climate Change
Midway Milestones for ADB’s Water Financing Program 2006-2010

Read about the achievements of ADB’s Water Financing Program, which aims to double water investments in Asia, as it reached the halfway mark.
1-5 Dec Regional Workshop on Developing Partnerships for Water and Climate Change Adaptation (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
10 Dec Zero Diarrhea: National Search For Barangays With Best Sanitation Practices (Manila, Philippines)
15-16 Dec Asia-Pacific Regional Synthesis Meeting for the 5th World Water Forum (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
18 Dec International Conference on Water Resources Policy in South Asia (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
28 Jan Climate Change and Urban Poverty - Infrastructures of Development(Dhaka, Bangladesh)
28 Jan 6th EverythingAboutWater Expo2009(New Delhi, India)

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