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Issue 52: Smart Water Solutions in Small Packages (December 2011)

  • Author: ADB Water for All
  • Create Time: 01/04/2012 16:33:54
  • Last Update Time: 07/23/2015 15:44:26
Archives Issue 52, December 2011  

Smart Water Solutions in Small Packages

ADB’s Facility for Pilot and Demonstration Activities (PDAs) was designed to validate new approaches, strategies, methodologies, and technologies for improved water resources management and water services delivery. Launched in 2002, it is the first small-grant facility that provides quick funding to government clients and other development partners for water projects, with the intention of replicating and/or scaling up successful innovative practices. This issue of Water for All news takes stock of the PDA Facility’s achievements in the past decade and its small but significant role in the design and implementation of water projects throughout the Asia and Pacific region in the coming years.

Hubert Jenny:
Making the Most of ADB's Facility for Water Pilot and Demonstration Activities

Engineer Hubert Jenny has been regularly availing ADB’s Facility for Pilot and Demonstration Activities, bringing innovations in water supply and sanitation to communities in Southeast Asia for pilot testing. Hubert says, “It is imperative to test new and innovative ideas to fully harness their potential for replication and scaling up.”



Read about ADB’s small-grants facility that has become a source of innovation and inspiration to many countries and communities in Asia to improve water services delivery and water resources management.

Find out how an ADB pilot project helped clean up Nantai Island’s polluted inland rivers and provided strategic input into ADB’s bigger Fuzhou Environmental Improvement Project.

In 2004, a pilot project gathered Bang Pakong river basin stakeholders to resolve conflicting water use. A follow up project in 2009 helped them in effective water allocation.



ADB, irrigation stakeholders to plan Asia’s irrigation future
ADB is organizing the Asian Irrigation Forum on 11-13 April 2012 in Manila, Philippines. Farmers, water resources experts, donors, and other stakeholders will identify needs and opportunities for strengthened partnerships to deliver more productive irrigation services in Asia.

Water Learning Week boosts knowledge exchange to accelerate IWRM
About 130 water practitioners, researchers, and knowledge and funding partners from 18 countries discussed guidelines for new IWRM investments. ADB and the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education entered into a knowledge partnership agreement to support ADB’s Water Financing Program 2011-2020.

Test technologies say water and wastewater management experts
About 73 water and wastewater management practitioners agreed to explore more demonstration projects adopting innovative and cost-effective technologies in an ADB workshop. Selecting the appropriate technology will be based on suitability to local conditions, life-cycle costs, and performance-based contracts.

WaterLinks Forum highlights Water Operators Partnerships achievements in Asia
About 65 Water Operators Partnerships (WOPs) have been developed in 14 Asian countries, impacting the lives of more than 700,000 people. The WaterLinks Forum, held this year on 22 November in Kuala Lumpur, promotes WOPs initiatives to improve water and sanitation services delivery.

ADB, Bangladesh Announce $4.5 Billion Five-Year Partnership Strategy
Bangladesh and ADB have forged a new Country Partnership Strategy for 2011-2015 which includes a resource investment program of around $4.5 billion. ADB will seek to expand sustainable safe water supply and sanitation, among other developments in various sectors.

India: ADB $200 Million Loan to Upgrade Services in Key Cities of Assam State
ADB is extending $200 million to improve the water supply and other urban services in Guwahati and Dibrugarh—two major cities in Assam state. Funds will be used to provide clean piped water to about 350,000 residents in Guwahati and upgrade sewerage and solid waste systems in the two cities.


Knowledge Products

Read about how ADB’s Pilot and Demonstration Activity Facility works as a financing mechanism for small water pilot projects and how its replication can provide small solutions to Asia’s big water problems. More books


This tool kit is expected to assist the relevant public entities in Maharashtra for developing PPP-based projects in water supply and sanitation, and may also be used as reference by similar other cities across the country. More books

11-13 Apr 2012 Asian Irrigation Forum (Manila, Philippines)
12-17 Mar 2012 World Water Forum (Marseille, France)
13-14 Dec 2011 International Workshop on Water and History - How can we ensure sustainable development in the basin through water in the context of history? (ADBI, Tokyo)
13-16 Dec 2011 Workshop on Climate Change and its Impact on Agriculture (Seoul, Republic of Korea)

Water for All News is produced by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide current information to developing member countries, professionals, researchers, private sector, civil society, academe, and their counterparts in the donor community who are interested in water sector issues that affect the pace of development.

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