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Issue 46: Water Crisis and Choices (April 2009)

  • Author: ADB Water for All
  • Create Time: 02/14/2012 11:09:10
  • Last Update Time: 11/06/2015 16:49:46
Issue 46, April 2010 

Water Crisis and Choices

Water Crisis and Choices: ADB and Partners Conference 2010, to be held on 11-15 October this year, aims to ensure momentum and continuity of water and sanitation developments up to and beyond the Millennium Development Goals 2015 deadline. The conference focuses on four broad themes: Cities and Water: Solutions for Efficiency; Water in Food: Productivity Gains; Clean Water: A Question of Quality; and Basin Management: A Scorecard for Asia. This issue of Water for All news features stories that focus on some aspects of the conference's four themes to understand emerging crises, explore options for solutions, and achieve greater efficiency.

Champion of Reform

The annual Healthy Waterways Report Card provides good leverage in managing government and community commitments to protect and restore waterways. Scientist Eva Abal says, "It can be used to reflect not only the health of waterways, but also indicate the extent of stewardship needed by our waterways and catchments. Its principles, process, communication strength, and leveraging power can be adopted easily in the Asia-Pacific region."


A fresh approach to Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is making headway among river basin managers in Asia. Will it help clean up Asia's river basins?   Holistic approaches to irrigated agriculture with a framework recognizing the water-food-energy nexus are paving the way towards water and food security in South Asia.   With some help from Malaysia's Ranhill Utilities BHD, the Davao City Water District is moving towards greater water efficiency by reducing its nonrevenue water.



ADB, partners to ensure water sector progress beyond MDG deadline
ADB and water development partners will pool knowledge and solutions to ensure momentum and continuity of water and sanitation developments up to and beyond 2015 through the Water Crisis and Choices Conference on 11-15 Oct 2010 in Manila.

Regional water knowledge hubs to boost knowledge management
Representatives from regional water knowledge hubs under the Asia-Pacific Water Forum's KnowledgeHubs network will meet on 19-23 April in Manila to strengthen knowledge management in each hub to better serve clients and partners. About KnowledgeHubs

World Water Day 2010 highlights water quality
"Clean Water for a Healthy World" was the theme of World Water Day 2010, chosen by UN-Water to "raise the profile of water quality at the political level so that water quality considerations are made alongside those of water quantity." Visit the World Water Day website

ADB issues inaugural water bond
ADB and Daiwa Securities Group recently announced ADB's planned issuance of an inaugural Water Bond to finance its work in the water sector by supporting ADB's Water Financing Program (WFP) 2006-2010 and its successor program. About WFP

Spain gives additional $5M to ADB water fund
The Government of Spain gave another $5M to ADB's Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF) in addition to a previous $5M contribution, bringing the WFPF's total received funds to $37M. Other donors include Australia, Austria, the Netherlands, and Norway. About WFPF

ADB, ABS-CBN, Manila Water join hands to clean Manila's rivers
ADB, together with Manila Water Company Inc., is sponsoring a feasibility study to assess the Pasig River's wastewater and sanitation needs, while a partnership with ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. (AFI) will raise awareness on river rehabilitation. About the project

ADB's water pilot projects off to a good start in 2010
Water pilot projects in Nepal, the Philippines, and Viet Nam have begun implementation in January under ADB's Pilot and Demonstration Activities (PDA). Since 2002, ADB has approved 57 PDAs that showcase innovative ideas, technology, and methodologies on a small scale. Read about the projects in Nepal, Philippines, Viet Nam | About PDAs

Public-private partnerships practitioners meet on policy issues
Public-private partnership (PPP) practitioners discussed models and key policy issues at the PPP Days 2010 workshop on 22-24 March in Manila. Participants discussed ways in which the public sector can engage most effectively in PPPs to deliver services.

Scientists, water experts dialogue on climate change
Scientists and water resources managers discussed the latest developments in climate change science in a workshop on 24-25 March in Manila, and how these can be used in reducing the region's vulnerability to climate change's likely impacts.

Viet Nam: Vu Gia-Thu Bon stakeholders agree on investment roadmap
Stakeholders agreed on an investment roadmap for managing Viet Nam's Vu Gia-Thu Bon river basin in a workshop on 22-23 March in Tam Ky City. The workshop was supported under an ADB project on managing water in Asia's river basins. About the project


Knowledge Products

ADB acknowledges the urgency in meeting the diverse water sector challenges posed by global and regional climate change. This brochure spells out some of ADB's regional departments' climate change implementation plans that would mainstream climate change adaptation in water sector activities and projects.

Water: Vital for Viet Nam's Future

The main findings of the Government of Viet Nam's Water Sector Review are presented in this publication, particularly those in relation to the status of water resources and water-related environments. The book also features the various issues facing the sector and the measures that the country could adopt to ensure a sustainable water future.

Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking Techniques

Continuous improvement and benchmarking (CIB), a strategy of the Water Operators Partnerships Program, helped improve service delivery of many government institutions and private organizations in many countries. This toolkit contains learning modules on CIB techniques.


1 Apr 1st Stakeholder Workshop of Vu Gia-Thu Bon River Basin (Tam Ky City, Viet Nam)
14-17 Apr Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Public Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development 2010 (Jakarta, Indonesia)
19-23 Apr Water Knowledge Management Learning Week (Manila, Philippines)
21-22 Apr 2010 Asia Pacific Water and Sewer Systems Modelling Conference (Gold Coast, Australia)
24-26 May China Water Congress 2010 (Beijing, China)


Water for All News is produced by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide current information to developing member countries, professionals, researchers, private sector, civil society, academe, and their counterparts in the donor community who are interested in water sector issues that affect the pace of development.

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