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Facts and figure of Regulatory Affairs industry job in India

  • Author: Technical Expert
  • Create Time: 06/09/2011 12:50:22
  • Last Update Time: 06/09/2011 12:50:22

Facts and figure of Regulatory Affairs industry job in India:

  1. 120 odd pharma companies operating in India is having established regulatory affairs departments.
  2. More than 1000 company is having unstructured Regulatory Affairs working.
  3. Team size of RA department varies. Standard mid-size companies having headcount of 5-10 personnel. MNCs are having 20-30 team size.
  4. More than 3700 hard-core regulatory affairs professionals are working in regulatory affairs department in India.

Salary Ranges:

  • Freshers: 10000-12,000 per month and ctc of 1.50 -1.80 Lac approximately.
  • 1-2 years’ experience: 18,000-25,000 per month ctc upto 3-3.5 Lacs approximately.
  • 5 Years’ Experience: 45,000 per month ctc upto 6 lacs.
  • Senior Manager above 7-8 years’ experience: 10-12 lacs ctc
  • Top Management – VP, GM etc. – 20 Lacs +Variable pay

Future Demand:

Due to the entry of the MNCs and in new era of pharma MNCs market consolidation, the job opportunity of pharma regulatory affairs personnel is going to soar up and more than 30,000 competent regulatory workforce is required in India in next 5 years to match the demand of the regulatory affairs professionals.


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akshay   25/04/2014 00:57:40  
maya   28/02/2014 12:16:36  
[Comment Only]    No i dont think the salary ranges mensioned above is not all implemented by mnc and small organization.<br />It is totally depend on company policies. but it should be implenmented
john dsouza   13/03/2013 22:27:29  
[Helpful]    Hi,<br />     I am going to complete m.pharm  in regulatory affairs and drug development this september 2013. Can u advice me what companies to choose to start my career in regulatory affairs. Please suggest what all companies are available for freshers to apply. thank you in advance
m.viswanath reddy   23/08/2012 11:37:40  
[Helpful]   hi am persuing m.pharm 2nd year in pharmaceutics.i want to do pg diploma in regulatory affairs and want to change my will that help me and what is the salary can i expect?thank u...
satish reddy   15/07/2012 11:19:13  
[Helpful]   good to  here this..iam very much intersted in RA, bt most of the pple demoralised me abt salaries paid though we hav an experience..this info made me to rejunvate ma self<br />thnk u<br />
Harshini   17/03/2012 11:22:38  
[Helpful]   Can u please guide on how to Start with Regulatory consultancy of Pharmaceutical Formulation?