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Avoid Processing Historical Data

  • Author: Michael Maloney
  • Create Time: 08/29/2013 09:13:42
  • Last Update Time: 08/29/2013 09:13:42
 The CP has always had the ability to specify an effective start/end date/time range for computations. Input data outside the specified start/end range is ignored.

There are some new capabilities in the toolkit version 5.3:
  • You can specify the Effective Start time as relative, using a strings like "now - 1 day", or "now - 2 weeks". This gets evaluated whenever a new batch of tasklists is read from the database. Thus you can use it to avoid processing old data.
  • Likewise, the Effective End time can be relative. For example, "now + 1 day" will avoid processing any input values more than 1 day in the future. Some computations that use modeled data will want to process a limited amount of future data, this allows you to specify a reasonable limit.
  • A new setting in the file allows you to specify a global limit for all computations.
The Computation Editor GUI has been enhanced to make these settings intuitive. You will also find the "CP Effective Start" property in the new Decodes Settings configuration panel.