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Turn off Computation Retries to Improve CP Performance

  • Author: Michael Maloney
  • Create Time: 10/29/2013 09:23:21
  • Last Update Time: 10/29/2013 09:23:21
Computations can fail if required resources are unavailable. A common example is a group-based rating computation that uses any “Stage” value of a given increment (e.g. hourly) as input. There may be Stage values in your database for which you do not currently have a rating table.

Recall that computations are triggered by “tasklist” records when an input to a computation is written to the database. You can determine what happens to a tasklist record a when a computation fails:
  • Discard the tasklist record. That is, never retry failed computations.
  • Retry every hour a limited number of times.
  • Retry every hour indefinitely.

In some databases (CWMS) the processing required to support failed-computation-retries has been seen to be prohibitively expensive. We recommend for CWMS that you disable failed computation retries by setting the variable in your “” file:
If you do want to attempt to retry computations, set this to true and then set an additional variable:
Set this to the maximum number of times you want a computation attempted. The special value of zero means to retry indefinitely.