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Configure My LRGS to Connect to CDADATA with Password

  • Author: Michael Maloney
  • Create Time: 04/14/2016 08:19:59
  • Last Update Time: 04/14/2016 08:19:59
NOAA has announced that, starting on July 12, 2016, you must use the new secure password mechanism in DDS Version 14 to connect to their two servers:

If your local LRGS is using one of these servers for backup, you must configure it to use password authentication. This article will describe how to do this.

There are two preprequisites:

  1.  You must have a valid user name and password on the NOAA servers. NOAA published a letter explaining how to do this.
  2. On your own LRGS, you must have OpenDCS Version 6.2 RC03 or later. If you have an earlier version, email Cove Software to arrange for an upgrade. (

Start the LRGS Real Time Status Display, either from the Windows Start menu or from the 'rtstat' command. Use this to connect to your LRGS with an administrator account and password.

Note: After a fresh installation, an LRGS has a single account called lrgsadmin with password lrgsadmin. If you have not already done so, CHANGE THIS PASSWORD by clicking on File - Set Password after connecting.

Now click File - User Administration. Click the Add button at the right to create a user account on Your LRGS that matches the user name and password for your NOAA account.

In the first two fields enter your NOAA-Provided User Name and Password.

We are creating this entry on the LRGS so it will be able to connect out to the NOAA servers. If you want this account to also be able to connect to Your LRGS, check the box labeled "Retrieve DCP Messages & Status".

Click OK, and then exit out of the User Administration Menus. Then:

  • Click File - LRGS Configuration.
  • Click the "DDS Receive" tab.
  • Select the server entry for the Wallops CDADATA server.
  • Click the "Edit" button at the right.
  • In the "DDS User Name" field, enter your NOAA-Provided user name.
  • Check the box labeled "User Password".

The following screen shot shows how we set it up with our account "covesw". (NOTE: Do not use 'covesw'. Use your own account name).

Make sure this connection is enabled. Click OK.

Then repeat for the CDABACKUP connection.

Click OK to exit out of the LRGS Configuration Menus. Within one minute, your LRGS will notice that the configuration files have changed. It will reload them and re-establish the connections to the Wallops servers, using the passwords you provided.