E17--The sample rate and accuracy question in ALPEN( E17 )

Why my ALPEN(FiiO E17) can not display the correct input signal format ?For example,
if I play 44.1kHz/16bit music in E17, the OLED display will display 48KHz/16bit.


There are two chips in the E17 regarding processing the input music format.
One is digital audio signal receiver and the other is MCU.

The former handles the digital input signal and transfers to the DAC chips
while MCU deals with all the controlling and displaying.

Therefore, when there is digital audio signal input, the digital signal
receiver will identify the format of the input signal and then send to the MCU.

However, the receiver can only output 3 different statues to the MCU
(includes 1.48K/16 bit  2.96K/24bit  3.192K/16bit).

And the displaying sample rate and accuracy is just for reference which would have
some discrepancies with different settings and players.

That’s why it would be displayed as 48K/16bit no matter
the input is 44.1K or 48K, and 96K if the input is 88.2K or 96K.

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