Computation Retries

 The Computation Processor can automatically retry computations that fail. Reasons for failures might include:

When a computation fails, a FAILURE message is placed in the log file (typically "compproc.log"). Then one of two things can happen:

  1. The computation can be scheduled for retry after 1 hour
  2. The computation can be discarded

The choice is controlled by the setting of the "maxComputationRetries" property in your file. The variable is misnamed. It really means max computation tries. Set it to 1 to have computations attempted only a single time and discarded on failure. Set it to 0 for unlimited retries (computation is retried every hour). Set it to some other positive number to have computations tried a limited number of times.

Some users have very wide group-based computations that result in a large number of failures. To prevent the CP_COMP_TASKLIST table from growing very large, set "maxComputationRetries" to 1 or some other positive number. The default setting is 0.

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