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Best inexpensive mill?

  • Author: Support
  • Create Time: 03/13/2012 11:22:12
  • Last Update Time: 03/13/2012 11:40:15

Q: I am thinking about asking for a mill for my birthday from hubby. I have never ground wheat and seldom make a decent loaf of bread so I want to get something really inexpensive.  I'm afraid if I ask for a $250 mill to make a bad loaf of bread, my hubby will not go for it (I can't imagine why). Any words of wisdom are appreciated.


A: I would have to say for convenience sake, either the Wondermill electric or the Nutrimill electric are the most convenient.  BUT if off grid and non-electric is your first priority - go with the Wondermill Jr. Deluxe.  It is work, meaning it's manual. So if you think you want to be consistent with baking - go electric and gain the skills.

If you are interested in making sure you always bake a good loaf of bread - an electric is consistent and convenient. And I can help you be sure it's a good loaf almost every time.

I just finished this e-book and it is getting good reviews from everyone who has gotten it:

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