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Can I use a Coffee Grinder or Blender?

  • Author: Support
  • Create Time: 09/10/2012 10:52:43
  • Last Update Time: 09/10/2012 10:53:26

Before I invest a few hundered dollars in a mill, I would like to make sure that my family likes/can eat wheat bread. Is there a way that I can mill small amounts of wheat without an expensive mill ? I was thinking about using a coffee grinder to experiment with. Please let me know your thoughts or suggestions.

Thank You


This is a very valid question, thank you for asking.

There is a vast difference in the quality of the flour using a mill vs. a coffee grinder or blender type machine. Not saying that the later cannot be used for 'testing' but the loaf or baked goods will be heavy and course.

A coffee grinder or blender type machine simply chops the grain into small pieces whereas a mill sends it through burrs which powder the grain into lighter, fluffy flour.  The flour from the mill is aerated and produces the 'real bread' type consistency better than what can be baked with the coffee grinder/blender ground product.

This being said, you can still try and play with it that way. Once you taste it, you may choose to purchase a mill for texture.  The taste of fresh milled baked goods is can then move up in flour quality once you know you like the flavor.

Hopefully this helps!

Millers Grain House Staff

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Jim McDonald   04/14/2013 02:21:54  
[Helpful]   <p style="margin-bottom: 0in"> I got a few 5 gal buckets of redwinter wheat berries from a farming friend this last fall. Started playing with a coffee grinder to grind the wheat berries. For Christmas I got a Wondermill Jr.  Since the first of theyear I have been baking one loaf of bread every weekend.  My goal is tomake bread from 100% home ground wheat.  Some of my bread hasturned out better than others but always eatable.  The two mainproblems are with it not raising and the outside looking brown &cooked but the center is still wet/moist.  The flour I amgetting is a slight bit coarser than store bought white bleachedflower.  I have the stones adjusted close and it is difficult /tight to turn.  I sift the new flour and recycle the hulls thatwill not pass through the  sifter.  Would I get finer flourif I could find a sifter with a tighter screen on it?  <br />Ihave an order out for your book but my birthday is a few months off. I would appreciate your comments even if they are in the book. </p>