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Can I Wash my Pillowtop/Non-pillowtop/ Stretch cover on my mattress?

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE The short answer respectively is No and Yes in that order. To clarify: Pillowtops and non-pillowtops or plush-tops are manufactures with many cottons, wools and other foams. They tend to act like a sponge an

How do I find a Waterbed Leak

There are 2 good methods for finding a waterbed leak. While sometimes you might get luck and it will be right on the top, more often then not, the leak is near the bottom of the mattress and so small it is virtually undetectable. For those cases, we offe

How do I do a "home inspection" on my 2500, 5500 or 7500 Silver Lining Series mattress?

We do understand that this is a huge task. Some of these beds can weigh up to 250lbs, but this is the process that we use here at Sterling when beds are brought to us. The first thing you need to understand that is Pillowtops, whether they are made by St