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Decode at longer interval than logger

A common use case: The logger records stage every 5 minutes but I only want it every 15 minutes. DECODES extracts data from the message according to the script you provide. It is easy to write a script that skips over samples you do not want. See the DEC

Decode CSV USBR Web Download with Abstract Web Data Source

This article will explain how to decode a CSV (Comma-Separated Value) download from a USBR Web Site, using a list of platforms and an Abstract URL. Consider the web reports available at:,UNY%20a

Decode USGS Web Download

This article will explain how to set up data-source, configuration, site, platform, and routing spec to decode data downloaded from USGS's website. The URL we will be using as a test is:

Decode Web Report

DECODES can download reports from the web and decode the data therein. This article shows how to download hourly and daily reports for a group of stations, and then decode the data. The following two URLs show the reports that we will decode: http://www