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Articles in "USACE CWMS CP (a.k.a. CCP)"

Cannot save DECODES Site to CWMS

When we first ported DECODES (and CCP) to CWMS, our experience with the Bureau of Reclamation was that they had their own way of creating and maintaining location records. They were okay with having DECODES and CCP view Site (location) information, but di

CWMS CCP Subscriber Restart

When new Time Series Data is added to the CWMS database, the API places an entry in a queue indicating what just happened. The CCP Subscriber handles data from that queue. It determines if any computation depend on the new data, and if so, it adds entries

Setting CWMS Quality Flags in Output Values

The CCP infrastructure uses a similar mechanism as CWMS to store various flags about every value in the database. A 32 bit integer is divided into several bit-fields. Each bit has meaning. Note that the flag values (bit positions within the 32-bit intege