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Bogus Platform Schedule Messages

If you see incorrect status messages on your LRGS saying that your DCP messages are received on the wrong channel, late, early, or unexpected; and yet you have verified that the PDT (Platform Description Table) entry in DADDS is correct. It may be that yo

Configure My LRGS to Connect to CDADATA with Password

NOAA has announced that, starting on July 12, 2016, you must use the new secure password mechanism in DDS Version 14 to connect to their two servers: cdadata.wcda.noaa.govcdabackup.wcda.noaa.govIf your local LRGS is using one of these servers for backup,

Troubleshooting DOMSAT

The real-time status page for the LRGS shows hourly statistics for the most recent 8 hours. If you notice that your DOMSAT system is not receiving data, it may be for one of several reasons. This article will help you determine what component is failing,