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How do I import data from Excel into PastPerfect?

PastPerfect Backup Recommendations

How can we work on PastPerfect from off-site storage or a home computer?

How do I copy and paste from Word without a right click?

Can we back up PastPerfect files with an automatic backup solution?

How do I backup to a Removable Drive?

What are PastPerfect's recommendations for Image formats and file sizes?

My Excel/HTML export dropped leading/trailing zeros

How do I set up Security in PastPerfect?

How do I edit authority files?

How do I insert letterhead and signatures on letters?

Can PastPerfect accept foreign/international characters?

How do I backup to CD or DVD from inside of PastPerfect?

Planning your security groups in PastPerfect

How do I send email from PastPerfect?

How do I use the Query function?

Special Character Code Chart for ASCII

How to maintain a CD/DVD archive?

How do I attach an image to a record?

Which is preferred - CD-R or CD-RW?

Can I customize the Main Menu?

How do I print an Authority File list?

How do I create a Report Maker report?

How do I change what columns I see on the Browse screen?

Setting or changing sort order of records.

How do I include images on my Report Maker reports?

Why, when I enter a new record, is it being filled with another record's information?

How do I export a Report, Catalog List, or Contact List to Excel?

How do I insert my museum’s name as a website link in an email created in PastPerfect?

Global Updates

How do I change the drop-down menus?

How do I print a report to PDF?

I just upgraded to Version 5, and security is not activated anymore. How do I activate it?

How can I show only 2 decimal places for a numeric field on a report?

How do I print to an individual label printer?

How do I add or remove alternating gray/white bands on my reports?

How do I add our logo to a report?

How do I export data from PastPerfect?

Query Condition Explanations

Where to find Field Descriptions

Compound filter statements for running queries, creating lists, and creating Report Maker reports

How do I fix a report so fields do not overlap?

What is the difference between photographs and images in PastPerfect?

Report Band Descriptions

Digital Image Equipment Recommendations

How do I change the font that appears on my reports?

Can I attach multiple images at once to a catalog record?

How do I create a readable digital copy of a document?

Editing Envelopes

How do I remove fields from PastPerfect reports?

How do I add Data Grouping to a Report Maker report?

Modifying Reports to add a Title Band or Summary Band