Beginner's guide to feeding raw
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Beginner's guide to raw feeding

This great article is from Raw Feeding's (RF) Facebook Group. An excellent source for anyone feeding raw. Suggestions for Starting Raw FeedingBy Ntombi A. Peters and Megan M Scull-Monroe in Raw Feeding (RF) My recommendations for beginning raw feeding:

What is considered meats?

Meat includes anything that's not bone or squishy organs. Muscular organs are also concidered meats: heart, tonguegizzardpenisuterustripeskinlungscartilagefatsinew

What is organ meat?

Many are confused about what organ meats are: liverkidneybraineyesspleenpancreasglands (sweetbreads) testes

Tips for feeding puppies raw food

Here is a great article that Michelle on the Yahoo forum "Rawpup" has compiled. This is a public service message that summarizes the basics of raw feeding for new raw feeders with puppies. The information is gathered from this list and the rawfeeding

Help my dog is Vomiting

There are different types of vomiting. Some are harmless some can be an indication of sickness. Regurgitation This isn’t vomiting. It looks like it for sure, but in reality the dog is just bringing their meal up for another chew. The meal was not quite

Help my dog has diarrhea

Three most common reasons: Too many things too fast. Switching a dog to a raw diet should take several months. Provide a smooth and easy transition for you and your dog. Most people who switch to raw, get so excited about it. Seeing their dogs improve

Should I combine kibble and raw?

I do not recommend mixing raw and kibble. Raw dog food is processed though the digestive system correctly which means it is processed much quicker than kibble. Because dogs are not designed to eat grains and cooked by-products, the digestive system ta

Help my dog is losing weight

Weight loss Increase rations gradually over time. The approximate guideline of 2-3% of a dog’s ideal adult weight is just a starting point. Some dogs need more some less depending on activity levels, age and breed. Make this transition slowly, taking w

Help my dog's coat in not shiny

Lack of the good type fats One of the first benefits people notice after switching to raw is a shiny coat! If your dog's coat become dry and dull after the transition the most common reason is lack of omega fatty acids. Commercially produced meats are low