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Avoid Processing Historical Data

The CP has always had the ability to specify an effective start/end date/time range for computations. Input data outside the specified start/end range is ignored. There are some new capabilities in the toolkit version 5.3: You can specify the Effective S

Computation Retries

The Computation Processor can automatically retry computations that fail. Reasons for failures might include: An RDB or Tab Rating computation and the corresponding rating-table file does not existA CWMS rating computation and the rating table cannot be f

Computations work in GUI but not in the background

The GUI provides a mechanism for you to test your computations, but ideally you want them to run automatically in the background when new data arrives. For this to happen, the following must be true: The computation must be enabled and assigned to a valid

Turn off Computation Retries to Improve CP Performance

Computations can fail if required resources are unavailable. A common example is a group-based rating computation that uses any “Stage” value of a given increment (e.g. hourly) as input. There may be Stage values in your database for which you do not curr

Unit Conversion Issues in Computations

The CCP allows you to specify the Engineering Units for both input and output parameters to a computation. But what does this really mean? When you specify the units for an input, you are telling the CCP framework the units that your algorithm requires.