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AISO - Association pour l'intégration sociale d'Ottawa

Bonjour à tous! Notre nouveau site est en construction et nous serons heureux de vous y accueillir au cours des prochaines semaines! Dans l'intervalle et si vous avez des besoins, vous pouvez nous joindre: Association pour l'intégration sociale

"Buddies" Program - DSA-NCR

"Buddies" Everyone needs a buddy – someone to go to a movie with on a Saturday afternoon, someone to play a game of checkers with, or someone to spend a few hours at the local bowling alley. The DSA is introducing a new pilot program called “Buddies”. B

Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities posted from website: The Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities' (OCAPDD) purpose is to support community integration and personal w

Inclusion is about ALL of us Inclusion is about living full lives - about learning to live together. Inclusion makes the world our classroom for a full life. Inclusion treasures diversity and builds community. Inclusion is about our 'abilities' -

Creating Good Life in Community: A Guide on Person-Directed Planning

​Creating Good Life in Community:A Guide on Person-Directed Planning This Guide on Person-Directed Planning has been written to assist families and people with developmental disabilities to plan for their future. It was developed to: highlight the im


CONTACT WEBSITE: WWW.TAMIR.CA Tamir was founded in 1980 by a group of dedicated individuals and families who identified a need for community living in a Jewish environment for adults with developmental disabilities in the Ottawa area. Tamir opened its


posted fromwebsite: www.citizenadvocacy.orgBringing people together.That’s the real goal of Citizen Advocacy and our Everyday Champions program.Right now in our community, there are people with disabilities who feel alone and isolated. There are people

R-Word - Spread the Word to End the Word

It is time we Spread the Word to End the Word™ and build awareness for society to stop and think about its’ use of the R-word. That R-word is something hurtful and painful – “retard” or “retarded.” Most people don’t think of this word as hate speech


LiveWorkPlay is a Canadian charitable organization based in Ottawa. Our mission: helping the community welcome people with intellectual disabilities to live, work, and play as valued citizens. ​ LiveWorkPlay supportsPEOPLE with intellectual disabilities

UFEO - United Families of Eastern Ontario

UFEOUnited Families of Eastern Ontario (UFEO) is a coalition of family groups and individuals committed to improving the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities living in Eastern Ontario by ensuring they have the same choices and o

Disability Travel Card

La version française suivra. Disability Travel CardPosted on 01 August 2012. This Disability Travel Card is intended for people with disabilities who require the assitance of a support person when traveling. The Card offers it’s holder discounts to the s

Family Services Ottawa

Family Services Ottawa We offer counselling and support services to anybody in Ottawa who needs it. No matter what it is that you’re dealing with, we’re here to listen. We offer a safe space, and will help you work through whatever is troubling you.

Christian Horizons East District

Christian Horizons East District Committed to providing supports that are centered around the individual. We help people to define and pursue their own dreams and goals, to experience inclusion and relationships, to enjoy meaningful activities, to exercis

Ottawa Foyers Partage

posted from website: www.ottawafoyerspartage.caOFP (Ottawa Foyers Partage), a non-profit corporation, provides welcoming and loving homes for persons with disabilities. It also offers meaningful work and volunteer opportunities where people can contrib

Storefront School - OCDSB

​ ​Storefront School is designed to serve 19 to 21 year old adults with intellectual disabilities who have had prior successful independent Co-op placements. Storefront students come from a variety of programs within the city of Ottawa. This two-yea

Y's Owl Maclure Co-operative centre

posted from website: Y’s Owl Maclure Co-operative Centre is a non-profit charitable organization providing day supports and services to adults with disAbilities living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.AboutY’S OWL MACLURE CO-OPERATIVE CE

TELCI (Therapeutic & Educational Living Centres Inc.)

posted from website: TELCI, an Ottawa-based non-profit charity serving Eastern Ontario through housing and residential support services for people with visual and developmental disabilities. Our residents are also your neighbours and fel

Ottawa - Carleton Lifeskills Inc

posted fromwebsite: Welcome to Ottawa-Carleton Lifeskills Inc. Welcome to Ottawa-Carleton Lifeskills Inc. We are a non-profit agency with a mission to serve developmentally disabled adults with residential and day programs. We aim to provide

Access 2 Entertainment Card

La version française suivra.Access 2 Entertainment Card Posted on 29 May 2009. Easter Seals is proud to have played a role in building an exciting — some have called it historic—partnership with the disability community, Cineplex Entertainment, and the

Canadian Down Syndrome Society

​ The Canadian Down Syndrome Society is a national non-profit organization providing information, advocacy and education about Down syndrome. The CDSS supports self-advocates, parents and families through all stages of their child’s life. The CDSS pro

Passport Initiative - Transition from high school to adult life

Transition Change can be exciting and challenging for lots of people. The transition from high school life to life as an adult can be particularly so. It is a time for you as the person leaving high school and your family to make important decisions a

Group Hug Apparel

​ Andrew Banar ​ Andrew Banar is 20 yrs old, andalthough he was born with Down Syndrome and has been challenged with many of the associated health issues, Andrew has always been happy and has lived life to its fullest. He is fearless

D.O.O.R 2 Adulthood

D.O.O.R 2 Adulthood ​This site is a place for youth with disabilities, their families and anyone working with teens as they transition to adulthood. As you begin to think about what you want to do with the rest of your life, you can use this website

OC Transpo - Bus Travel Training

La version française suivra. Travel TrainingTravel training is a comprehensive instructional program delivered by local schools, community groups, organizations and agencies in partnership with OC Transpo.Travel training is designed to teach people with

Academic Assistance for Adults with Developmental Disabilities - AAADD

Academic Assistance for Adults with Developmental Disabilities - AAADD ​Academic Assistance for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (AAADD) has been developed to help adults with developmental disabilities build academic skills in literacy and num

Ottawa Independent Living Resource Centre's (OILRC)

​The Ottawa Independent Living Resource Centre's (OILRC) mission is to assist in the individual empowerment of all persons with any disability in the Ottawa area and to provide the tools they need to direct their lives and participate fully in the com