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How do I import data from Excel into PastPerfect?

PastPerfect Backup Recommendations

How can we work on PastPerfect from off-site storage or a home computer?

How do I copy and paste from Word without a right click?

Can we back up PastPerfect files with an automatic backup solution?

How do I backup to a Removable Drive?

What are PastPerfect's recommendations for Image formats and file sizes?

My Excel/HTML export dropped leading/trailing zeros

How do I set up Security in PastPerfect?

How do I edit authority files?

How do I insert letterhead and signatures on letters?

Can PastPerfect accept foreign/international characters?

Planning your security groups in PastPerfect

How do I backup to CD or DVD from inside of PastPerfect?

How do I send email from PastPerfect?

Special Character Code Chart for ASCII

How do I use the Query function?

How to maintain a CD/DVD archive?

How do I attach an image to a record?

Which is preferred - CD-R or CD-RW?

How do I print an Authority File list?

Can I customize the Main Menu?

How do I create a Report Maker report?

How do I change what columns I see on the Browse screen?

Setting or changing sort order of records.

How do I include images on my Report Maker reports?

Why, when I enter a new record, is it being filled with another record's information?

How do I export a Report, Catalog List, or Contact List to Excel?

How do I insert my museum’s name as a website link in an email created in PastPerfect?

Global Updates

How do I change the drop-down menus?

How do I print a report to PDF?

I just upgraded to Version 5, and security is not activated anymore. How do I activate it?

How can I show only 2 decimal places for a numeric field on a report?

How do I print to an individual label printer?

How do I add or remove alternating gray/white bands on my reports?

How do I add our logo to a report?

How do I export data from PastPerfect?

Query Condition Explanations

Where to find Field Descriptions

Compound filter statements for running queries, creating lists, and creating Report Maker reports

What is the difference between photographs and images in PastPerfect?

How do I fix a report so fields do not overlap?

Report Band Descriptions

Digital Image Equipment Recommendations

How do I change the font that appears on my reports?

Can I attach multiple images at once to a catalog record?

How do I create a readable digital copy of a document?

Editing Envelopes

How do I remove fields from PastPerfect reports?

How do I add Data Grouping to a Report Maker report?

Modifying Reports to add a Title Band or Summary Band