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Sandbox Learning - Personalized Social Stories

Personalizedmaterialsfor each child are the ideal for learning and development. Sandbox Learning is dedicated to developing fun and engaging stories that help parents and professionals meet this need. Our collection of personalizable children’s books

PECS - Picture Exchange Communication System

Excerpt from, November, 8, 2012. What is PECS? Picture Exchange Communication System Developed by Andrew S. Bondy, Ph.D. Lori Frost, M.S., CCC/SLP PECS was developed in 1985 as a unique augmentative/alternative com - Educational Tools and Sensory Materials

Pleaes visit their online catalogue and shop for a complete list of sensory materials and eductional products. A Canadian company.

Easy Daysies - Magnetic Schedules for Kids

Easy Daysies - Magnetic Schedules for Kids ​ Kids Learn: Routine Responsibility Independence Sight Word Recognition Learning should be fun. With Easy Daysies™ it is! Kids Develop: Self-discipline Respect Good Works Habits C

iCan Toilet Training Program

​ ​ iCan Toilet Training Program By Sandbox Learning ​ The iCan Toilet Training Program is a comprehensive toilet training app based on decades of successful toilet training and education research. The app is on sale for $0.99 for one week then will r

Down Syndrome: Health Issues

An excellent website created by Dr. Len Leshin with informative articles on the following topics: Trisomy 21: Why DS OccursCeliac Disease and DSConstipation and DSGastroesophageal RefluxObstructive Sleep ApneaThe Thyroid and DSSpeech/Language TherapyP

The One World Institute of Neurodevelopment Incorporated

The One World Institute of Neurodevelopment IncorporatedKathleen Rooney offers workshops that teach parents about how Sensory Integration relates to your child's overall development and how to encourage maturation of the Central Nervous System to aid yo

Special Finds - Specialty products for special needs families

We know the amount of time, energy and money that can be spent looking for theideal item to make your life easier. That is why we created this store - to help ease those concerns and give you more time - for you and your family. No more calling and dr

The Crossroads Children's Centre

Welcome to Crossroads Children's Centreposted from website: (this service is not intended for children with disabilities but could be helpfullfor their siblings) The Crossroads Children’s Centre is a fully accredited children’s

OCTC - Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre

posted from website: Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre (OCTC) La version française suivra dans la section "Related Articles". ​ The Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre (OCTC) is a leader in providing bilingual specialized care for those wit

Main Street Community Services

Main Street Community Services Main Street Community Services is a registered charity that valiantly attempts to address a critical need by developing and implementing comprehensive, research based programs for children who are challenged by a disabilit

CommuniCare Therapy - Developmental Disorders Clinic

​Provides speech and language pathology, occupational and physical therapy, social work, dietetics and Floortime Services for treating children and adults with developmental disorders. ​Address: 2270 St. Laurent Blvd. Ste 202, Ottawa ​Phone: 613-738-28

Family Services Ottawa

Family Services Ottawa We offer counselling and support services to anybody in Ottawa who needs it. No matter what it is that you’re dealing with, we’re here to listen. We offer a safe space, and will help you work through whatever is troubling you.

Special Needs Workers

Special Needs Workers Special Needs Workers can help develop children’s or adult’s social skills, fine and gross motor skills, life skills or provide respite to parents. Parents of children and adults with AS can apply for financial support through the

Volunteers - How to get Help

Volunteers for Hire! ​(article from the DSA-NCR newsletter, author Liz Green) Let’s face it – as parents of special needs kids, we have our hands full. We are called upon to be more than mothers or fathers, we also need to be speech, physio and occupation

Christian Horizons East District

Christian Horizons East District Committed to providing supports that are centered around the individual. We help people to define and pursue their own dreams and goals, to experience inclusion and relationships, to enjoy meaningful activities, to exercis

Moms with Apps - Special Needs

Moms with Apps The Moms With Apps blog supports family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. Apps for Special Needs by Moms With Apps on July 8, 2010 Theseappsfor special needs weremadeby thedevelopers at Moms W

School Specialty - Sensory Solutions and other Special Learning Needs products

School Specialty School Specialty offers a wide range of products to assist children with sensory challenges and other special learning needs. • Body Readiness • Body Works • Calmers - Organizers • Communication • Daily Routines • Environmental

CHEO The Kaitlin Atkinson Family Resource Library

The Kaitlin Atkinson Family Resource LibraryThe Kaitlin Atkinson Family Resource Library has materials on child health, illness and injury, and parenting. It is free and open to the public. The Library was made possible with funds raised by the Atkinson

Child & Youth Mental Health Toolkits

Child Youth Mental Health Toolkits ​NOTE: The creators of this resource wished to acknowledge the current lack of resources related specifically to children with special needs but hope that content will be added in the future. ​ One in five children

CISS - Children's Integration Support Services

​ La version française suivra. Children’s Integration Support Services (CISS) is a bilingual program which provides support services to licensed nursery schools, day care centres, school age and home child care programs that integrate children who have

The Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication Disorders (OAFCCD)

The Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication Disorders (OAFCCD) ​ Our vision is that all children will have access to a continuum of speech and language services to support their successful participation at home, in school a


SENSORY INTEGRATION In childhood, sensory behaviours can be reactions to sensory input from the environment such as sounds, lights, visual distractions, textures of clothes and furniture, smells, poor food repertoire, etc. Sensory behaviours can also

Behavioural Therapy - Nancy Baker

Nancy BakerChild Guidance Consultation and Senior Therapist For children aged 1-12. Nancy Baker provides in home consultation in the areas of behaviour skills training, social skills training, and parent training. For more information, please email: nj

Le Centre de traitement pour enfants d'Ottawa (CTEO)

Site Le Centre de traitement pour enfants d'Ottawa (CTEO) Le Centre de traitement pour enfants d'Ottawa (CTEO) est un chef de file dans la prestation de soins spécialisés pour les personnes atteintes d'incapacité physique ou dévelo

Yoga Session for children with DS

Pediatric Physio and Occupational Therapy is now offering private and small group yoga sessions for children with Down Syndrome, ASD, CP, and other special needs. Our yoga instructor is the first in Ottawa to become a licensed Practitioner of Yoga for th