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How to feed the pray model raw diet

This articel is from: HOW do I feed prey model raw? Keeping in mind that raw-food is mostly water, you'll want to start by feeding two to three percent of your dog's estimated ideal adult body wei

What food makes up a prey model raw diet?

What food makes up a prey model raw diet? Three things: meat (which includes muscle, flesh, skin, fat, and connective tissue) bone* ("bone" always means fully edible, raw, meaty bone) organ. TIP: It is important to note here a difference between prey

Should I supplement?

This articel is from: To supplement or not to supplement.. For an otherwise healthy dog with no special issues, prey model raw does not advocate the addition of supplements. The only "supplement"

Pray model explained

This is from the The species appropriate whole prey model diet has been modeled after what the dog's very close relative, the wolf, eats in the wild. IOW, if a dog were wild, and free to breed and pack up an

Vegetation and Prey Model Raw

This article is from: The vegetation issue is where prey model raw diverges from another form of raw-feeding known as the BARF diet (bones and raw food). The BARF diet espouses the feeding of vege

What is prey model raw feeding?

​This article is from: Prey model raw is just what its name implies. The diet is modeled on the prey our dogs would eat in their natural, wild environment. In short, prey model raw is biological