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Can I use a Coffee Grinder or Blender?

Question: Before I invest a few hundered dollars in a mill, I would like to make sure that my family likes/can eat wheat bread. Is there a way that I can mill small amounts of wheat without an expensive mill ? I was thinking about using a coffee gri

What will Wondermill Jr. Grind?

Thank you for contacting us. This is a great question. Although you can't order directly from the company, below is a site about what the Wondermill Jr. Deluxe will and will not grind. The company puts out this great website with real demos that answer

Can you mill the grains for me and I buy from your store?

Question: I live in the Asheville, NC area (I believe the same general location as Millers Grain House). If you are milling large quantities of grains every week, may I buy them directly from you as fresh milled grain and not lose any quality of the gr