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I have made a donation but meant to leave a message of support can this be added?

Yes. Please contact us with the details of your donation and the message you would like to be added.

I have ticked/unticked the Gift Aid Box when making a donation, can this be changed?

Yes. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can amend your donation.

What is the Gift Aid scheme?

Charities can reclaim 25p for every £1 you donate from the taxman (28p until 5 April 2008), at no extra cost to you, through the Gift Aid scheme, provided you are a UK taxpayer and pay more income and/or capital gains tax than the charity will reclaim

I have made a donation for the wrong amount/to the wrong person, can it be amended?

Unfortunately not. If you have made an error with your donation please contact us as soon as possible, we may be able to cancel or refund your transaction so it can be made again.

The donation amount is £25, but I want to give more/less.

No problem. This is an editable field and can easily be changed.

Can I claim tax back on donations made?

We are unable to advise you on this. You should contact the HMRC for advice on tax issues. www.hmrc.gov.uk

My donation was rejected - but I think my card is fine.

We apply very high security verification procedures to protect our charity partners from attempted internet fraud. As a result, very occasionally a legitimate card transaction is rejected because our fraud checking services identify it as possibly fra

How private and secure is this site?

High standards of security and privacy are at the core of everything we do. We use 128 bit SSL certificates to encrypt all the web pages you use and employ the latest firewalls to keep our website safe. We don't store your credit card details anywhere in

Do you accept AMEX/American Express or Diners Card?

I'm sorry but we do not currently except these cards.

Do you accept foreign currency?

Donors can make donations from anywhere in the world. The donation is made in GB Pounds Sterling and each donor will be debited in their domestic currency.

Can I use my CAF card to donate?

The CAF card is a proprietary scheme and can only be used through CAF's website - you can make your donation either by sending a CAF cheque or through the CAF website if you wish. Please contact CAF or the person you are sponsoring to arrange this. Pl

What is an anonymous donation?

An anonymous donation will not show your name on the website, just how much has been donated. However the fundraiser will receive an e-mail with your name advising them of the donation and your details will be passed to the charity in line with curren

Am I eligible to give Gift Aid consent?

You must be a UK taxpayer and have paid as much income and or capital gains tax (or more) as the 25% of your donation that we are getting back (28% until 5 April 2008). You cannot give Gift Aid consent if you are a participant in a sponsored event for

Can overseas supporters make donations?

Yes. However Gift Aid can only be pledged by UK tax payers. All donations are made in GBP.

Do I get a receipt for Tax purposes?

Yes. You will receive an e-mail confirmation that is sufficient for the HMRC.