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Working With Pressure and Blade Length Settings

When your paper is lifting and tearing the most likely culprit is that you are using too long of a blade length or too high of a pressure. For as simple as those little pieces are, they play a huge role in the quality of your cuts. I recommend starting

Maintenance to Your Inspiration

A little maintenance can go a long way to increasing the performance and life of your Inspiration. Here at Pazzles we have put together a maintenance program that allows you to send your cutter in for a little love and care. When you send your Inspirat

Inspiration Not Being Recognized by Your Computer

Just like not recognizing a face in a crowd, it’s as equally frustrating when your computer doesn’t recognize your Inspiration. One of the first things you will want to try is plugging directly in to a power outlet vs. using a power strip.

Score Marks on Your Inspiration Mats

Since the paper that you place down on the mat is so thin it would be impossible to avoid the blade from making contact with the mat. As a result you will see almost every image you have cut on your mat. There’s not really a need to try to elimin

Using New Inspiration Blades

In the process of your blade slowly going bad you had to adjust the pressure and blade length. Which means you would have been using different pressure and blade length settings over a period of time. Then once you change out that blade it’s like

Using the Correct Inspiration Power Supply

Unfortunately due to different voltages of power supplies, it is never wise to use a different power source with your Inspiration. If you power on your Inspiration using a different power supply you will risk burning the motherboard out on your cutter.

Locating the Inspiration Updates

You can always access your updates from inside your Inspiration Studio by opening your software and going to “Help” at the top of the screen. Then hover over “Internet Pazzles Online” and select “Software Updates” from the drop down menu that appears.

Cutting Vinyl

Since vinyl is different than traditional cardstock it’s hard to know what blade length and pressure you should start out using, especially because vinyl is such a thin material. We’ve talked about speed in the past and the benefits it can

Stopping and Starting Points Not Matching Up

Have you ever been concerned with your stop and starting points not meeting up when you cut your project? The first thing that you will want to check is to make sure that you’ve done the updates from our website. The next step will be to take a l

Purpose of the Arrows on the Top of the Inspiration

Have you ever wondered what the arrow buttons are for on the top of your Inspiration? These buttons make it easier for you to align the starting position of your blade over the top of your desired starting position on your paper. As an example, let&rsq

Settings Used to Cut Through Fabric

The settings for cutting through fabric are a lot like the settings for cutting through paper. I always recommend starting out with a few scraps to determine what pressure and blade length settings work best for you before you begin working on your pro

Sounds That Your Inspiration Makes

Having the most amount of power to the Inspiration is important for a lot of reasons. One, it doesn’t limit you on the kinds of material you are able to cut. You need a pretty strong motor to cut through thick materials such as chipboard and acry

Inspiration is Making a Grinding Noise

Most often that sound is caused from either the blade being extended out too far, or too much downward force on the mat caused by the pressure. The grinding sound is caused by the blade getting stuck. Generally when people are experiencing this problem

When You Need a New Mat

A mat may still feel like it has some sticky on it to the touch, but depending on the kind of paper you’re using it may have a hard time sticking. That’s one of the reasons your paper can lift up off the mat and start to twist out of positi

Traveling With Your Inspiration

If traveling is in your agenda and you have intentions to take your Inspiration, you need to plan to carry your Inspiration on a flat, stable surface. Avoid tipping your Inspiration on its side and definitely don’t transport it upside down. Also,

Every Inspiration Will Use Different Settings

Your settings that you use may not be exactly the same as your friends but that shouldn’t worry you. There are some factors to keep in mind that can effect your settings such as the last time the blade was changed. The settings you are using migh

Working With Your Pen Tool

People often call in worried that there is something wrong with their machine because they are having trouble with the pen tool. A good rule of thumb is if you are getting quality cuts with your Inspiration, then there is nothing wrong with your machin

Inspiration Blade Holder

It’s pretty easy to forget all the work that little blade holder does in the Inspiration. When we think of cutting, we think of the entire unit. Which is true, but the blade holder has a lot to do with that process. Not only does it cut your proj

Cleaning Your Inspiration Rollers

To remove any build up on the Inspiration rollers, take a clean rag and gently wipe them down with warm water. Since the adhesive isn’t so sticky it won’t really require you to use any chemicals to remove the buildup. Another trick that I h

Inspiration Blades

We all know how frustrating it can be when you have a blade that’s just not making clean cuts anymore. Even worse, not having extra blades on hand when you need to finish up that last project, or have a deadline to meet. That’s why I always

Using New Inspiration Mats

I’ve found that the best time to use brand new mats is when my projects have a lot of intricate designs or have very small pieces. When the mat is at its maximum tackiness it helps to hold all of those pieces firmly down on the mat but it can als

Varying Pressure Settings

Your settings that you use may not be exactly the same as your friends but that shouldn’t worry you. There are some factors to keep in mind that can effect your settings such as the last time the blade was changed. The settings you are using migh

Mat Twisting as Your Inspiration Cuts

You can sometimes have problems with the mat twisting as the Inspiration cuts if the blade is out really far or the pressure is up very high. Sometimes the blade can get caught in the loops and curls as the blade is moving through the project. If this

When It's Time to Change Your Blade

I always recommend having extra blades on hand so you don’t get caught without a replacement. When the blade starts to go bad there isn’t a lot of warning. Your cuts can be great one minute and then suddenly you will experience that the edg

Watch Out for Static

Ever have one of those days that you feel you just can’t get the static out of your hair, and clothes. Well that same static can be transferred to your Inspiration just as easily as moving across the carpet and simply touching your cutter. Once t

Inspiration Updates

If your Inspiration will not turn on after you have ran the updates the most likely culprit is that the updates did not install successfully. There can be a lot of reasons why this happens ranging from a knocked cord, user error, or a power blip. The most

Loading Your Mat Into the Inspiration

You will always want to remember that in order to load the mat properly you will need to have the mat pressed up against the rollers—don’t be afraid to apply some pressure when doing this. The combination of the rollers and grips together c

The Difference Between Registering Your Software and Registering Your Inspiration

When you receive your Pro software there will be a serial number on the inside, right cover that begins with the letters “PAZ.” This is the registration number for the software only. When you place the Pro software in your CD drive it’s important to click

One Inspiration Blade to Cut all Materials

One thing that makes the Inspiration so easy is that it uses one blade regardless of what material you’re cutting. That means you can cut anything from vinyl to chipboard without needing to change to a different blade. The Inspiration blades were

The Speed of Your Inspiration

Speed can greatly effect your cut quality. For most of your projects you can use a medium speed with good results, I use a speed of 3- 4 for most of my work, but if you are having trouble with a cut you may want to change your speed. For example, when y

Do You Need Technical Support?

I know how important your time is. When we are on the phone or a chat together I want to make the most of our time. The best technical support experiences are when I am able to identify the problem right away and quickly help you get it resolved. I will

Curled Mats

You will want to make sure that your mat is flat and loaded into the guide lines of your Inspiration platform properly to ensure the best cuts possible. Here in the office we actually store ours hanging up on our walls. The nice thing about doing it th

Finding New Life in Old Mats

Since my work space here at the office is so limited, it helps keep me a bit more organized so that things are easy to find and easier to store. That is one of the reasons I started hanging my mats on my wall. This was a great way to make sure that they w

Cleaning Your Blade Holder

From time to time it’s wise to take the blade holder out and extract the blade and gently blow inside of the blade holder. In some cases you may even see the paper build up on the blade, or even curled around the blade itself. Since there isn&rsq

Journaling Problems Using Your Pen Tool

Let me first tell you how to fix this issue and then we’ll talk about what you did. First, in your Cut Control Panel make sure that you have your media type put on “Draw” or “Pen Tool” depending on your software version. Then click on the “Option” button

Food Prepping Your Inspiration

I have always recommended using wet wipes to clean the Inspiration, because they are tough to help to scrub surfaces and are also non abrasive. When it comes to cleaning your cutter in preparation for food, the Clorox disinfectant wipes work great. They

Learning Which Fonts Cut the Best

The best way to determine a good font is to zoom up on it and make sure that all the cutting lines are smooth. If the cutting lines aren’t smooth there’s more of a chance that the blade will catch on those rough spots and start to lift and

Using Your 12x24 Mats

The first thing that you’ll want to do when you get your new Inspiration is make sure that it’s properly updated. I even recommend for those that have previously done the updates to walk through them again just to make sure that they’re in place; especial

Inspiration Cutting Strip

Often times I’m asked the purpose of the cutting strip and what function it serves for the Inspiration. If you’re in need of replacing it, you’ll know exactly why purchasing a new cutting strip is so important.The reason that the Inspiration has a cutting

Using the Repeat Button on Your Inspiration

Once you’ve created a project and cut it out with your Inspiration, the Inspiration has a memory that stores the last project you cut and with a simple press of the repeat button you can start another cut of the same project. If you turn your Ins

Inspiration Makes Unusual Sound

Have you ever been cutting a project and all of a sudden the Inspiration will make a shuddering sound and perhaps a “pop” noise that goes along with it? The reason you would experience this is usually incorrect pressure but can also be caused by your blad

Keeping Extra Supplies on Hand

The Inspiration is going to come with everything you need to get started. I know that having all the bells and whistle like CD’s, vinyl, rhinestones and tools might not be possible right from the start, but that’s ok! It’s kind of exciting to start with t

Blinking Lights

The reason that the lights are blinking and flashing is that the Inspiration is receiving the information from the software to cut your project. So essentially they are communicating the information that needs to be performed. Depending on the intricacy o

Sharing Inspiration Settings

There can be many factors that can make a difference in the settings you use and the ones other Inspiration users are using. They can range from how new your blade is, what kinds of materials you’ve previously been cutting, and also the general difference

Cut Marks on Your Mat

It is normal to see everything that you have cut on your mat at one time or another. In fact, it is usually impossible to avoid marks on your mat from the blade. Your mat has multiple purposes when it comes to cutting. One is to hold your paper firmly eno

When it's Time to Change Your Blade

I was finishing up a few of my own last minute gift ideas and noticed that the first few cuts on my mat looked good, but as it continued to work its way down the page the impression of the cuts were not as a deep. As a result when I went to lift my images

Turn Your Inspiration Off, When it's Not in Use

More times than I care to admit I will come in and find I’ve forgot to turn my Inspiration off after I left work. I turned my computer off, but I forgot to turn my Inspiration off. The next morning, I’ll turn on my computer and start working on a project

What the Craft Room Can Offer You

I want your experience with our website to be about getting the most bang for your buck, and there is so much more to take advantage of than just visiting what’s new on the front page. Hey, we have a lot of extremely talented Inspiration users who are as

Humidity and the Quality of Your Cuts

When Sheila contacted me we started making small talk and chatting about the weather. I told her that we expected a rainy week, but that the change was nice from the hot days of summer. I asked how her weather was and she said that they were experiencing

Cutting Fabric

The software lends a helping hand to create the layout of your quilt and create new schemes and designs. I’ve even used the Print and Cut feature on fabric and it worked beautifully! We currently offer a fabric mat which works great for pre-stiffened fabr

Bad Blades

The situation can be frustrating and baffling. What so suddenly changed that made your cuts bad? When this happened to me, I decided to inspect my blade. Sure enough, you could see were the tip was rounded and there was no longer a nice sharp point. Once

Images Lifting and Tearing Away From the Mat

As long as the mats are stored in a clean location where they are free of debris, lint and just general dust in the air, they’ll last a very long time. If you’ve been using your mat and you find that certain parts of the mat are no longer sticky you may e

Test Cutting is Important

Test cutting is a must when it comes to paper crafting with your Inspiration. Just recently I was creating a project and was lucky enough to find the perfect patterned paper to make my card, but I only had one sheet left! I needed to make sure that it not

Getting Complete Cuts

The first thing that you will want to try is changing out your blade. It’s very easy to forget the last time that the blade was changed and what materials the blade has cut. If you’re cutting through heavier paper on a consistent basis and then try to cut

Saving Images From the Image Library

I have created a folder in My Documents on my computer and labeled the folder “Pazzles Images”. That way I know that this is dedicated solely for the images that I download from the image library in the Craft Room. If I am creating my own images I have an

Installing Your Inspiration Removable Rollers

Our new shipment of Inspirations will already come with removable rollers. Once you receive your Inspiration you’ll want to make sure that you place them on the metal bar. This ensures that as the Inspiration is cutting your project that the material you